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Fic: Connection ( written for [ profile] fall_for_sx )
Pairing: Xander/Dawn, Xander/Spike eventually
Setting: San Francisco.
Spoilers: S8 and S9, if you haven't read both and want to read this fic, read the S8 summary below.

Summary: In a world where metaphor is dead and reality is creeping in, where vampires are out and liked by the public, where slayers are hated and considered murderers, where magic no longer exists, Xander and Dawn struggle to have a normal life away from the fight and the temptations of the past.

Cut for those who don't want to be spoiled on S8 )
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1- Buffyforums: I know it has a reputation for being hostile, but so far I find it the most active and passionate place to discuss S9 and the comics in general. The first place I visit for S9 discussions is this forum.

2- SlayAlive: It's peaceful and has great discussions, but I feel it's less active than Buffyforums.

3- Buffyboards: Sometimes I dread going there. It has a lot of love for Angel and Faith, but a lot of hate for BtVS S9. The extreme negativity is too much to bear sometimes.

4- Whedonesque: I usually visit it for the news, but rarely read the discussions. Maybe because it's all in one long page, I get lost when I wanna read new posts in a discussion.
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I wanna thank Emmie and Scott Allie for the last Q&A at SlayAlive. I really loved the whole excitement and dread and anticipation among all the fans, waiting to post their questions and everything. It's like when the show was still on. And best of all, the fluttering feeling in my stomach thinking of the new canon (same feelings I had with each new preview and issue of S8 coming out). And my happiness when seeing the new awesome awesome covers!! And the new characters! And the "Wow. Lotta Xander interest." *evil laugh* And the Spuffy!!! And Faith helping Angel! And Giles flashbacks!

It's a long way 'til September! I want the first issue of S9 NOW!


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