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OMG!!! This is the cutest thing I've seen in a while!

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"What does SCB mean?"

"Super chocolate bear."

"I love it."

"I knew you would."

GOD! I love Scrubs! It's not really these lines but the way the actors said them. Awesome! And Turk's smile after being so bored... lol.


Apr. 6th, 2007 01:57 pm
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I just LOVE The Poo Song Can't stop listening to it. I really wish I can teach it to my students and have us sing it every day. Sigh.

Everything Comes Down to Poo )


Feb. 14th, 2007 07:05 pm
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because I saw the ep 8 of Scrubs today and poor poor JD, I feel so bad for him. The ending made me so angry!

As for Veronica Mars, where the hell are Wallace and Mac? I miss them a lot!

Hope that my boyfriend isn't gonna be late to pick me up. I'm not sure where we'll go tonight, he said it's a surprise.
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Just go here and squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nov. 25th, 2006 07:52 pm
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I'm powerfully, painfully, completely in love with Scrubs. I remember years ago how I cringed at the thought of watching this show, I thought it was stupid, and I didn't really like the actors. None of them caught my eye (Not like the way Xander caught my eye when I first watched Buffy, not like the way Rachel caught my eye when I first saw Friends... etc)

So three months ago, my cousin decided we should watch it, and since it talks about doctors and hosiptals, my sister was excited (She's a med student) and we watched half of S1 one night. My oh my how my POV of the show changed 100%, I loved the drama and the comedy, but the drama more than the comedy. I normally hate main character narration but I love listening to JD narrating the events, also love when the narration shifts in the "His Story"/"Her Story" eps.

I used to think I'd hate Elliot, but I actually love her a lot. I especially loved when she changed her looks in S3 trying to become more confident, seeking respect. I'm not as clumsy as her, but I get as insecure as her sometimes. I relate to her, which is why I like her. And I LOVE when she grumbles "Frick" instead of "Fuck." Hee!

The Janitor is my soul, I adore the episode "His Story III" in which the Janitor is the narrator. I love that he doesn't have a name. *g* And his extreme dislike for JD, oh, and a favorite episode of mine is when he was ashamed to be seen with Dr. Cox. LMAO!! Niiiice twist. However, my favorite Janitor moments are the ones where he's in love with Elliot, his friendship with her is so sweet. Love how he doesn't know her name and calls her Blonde Doctor.

Now my favorite episodes are usually Dr. Cox centric. They're usually so emotional and heartbreaking. The one where his friend dies in S3, made me shudder. Also, the ones where he caused three patients to die in S5 and the song "How to Save A Life" so perfectly done.

My sister loves Dr. Kelso. LOL! I never saw this coming. I have to admit, I loved that episode in S5 where Dr. Kelso feels upset about the decisions he make that causes that man's death in order to open the nursery, how he hides his sadness from others by looking so ignorant.

JD and Turk can get so silly, but I love their 'gay' love for each other. LOL. How JD is always referred to as Turk's other wife. The girl nicknames never get old.


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