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The Initiative:

*Spike is so PRETTY! His full pink lips, his cheeks! Spike used to have cheeks! Pretty cheeks! Pinch cheeks!

*I love Riley. He's a gentleman, it's lovely how he discovers that he has a crush on Buffy. I really love his friendship with Forrest and Graham, especially with Forrest. The show really needs some guy-type-friendships. They're so amusing. I mean, Xander's friendship with Oz didn't reach that level of guy talk the way Oz had with Devon. Xander is clearly affected by the girls he hangs out with, that probably makes him boring to the other guys? Perhaps because Oz was with Willow, he couldn't freely express his views on girls... I dunno...

*Again to gentleman Riley, the way he punched Parker for his rude remarks, the way he was nice to Willow, Riley in general… I love him.

*I thought it was funny that Riley called Xander "the boy", other than Riley, Spike tends to call Xander by that.

*Spike and Harmony, lots of funny-ness, but I do dislike the way he treats her, even though many people hate Harmony and love Spike, so it doesn't really matter to them, I still see Spike's relationship with Harmony as one of his lowest moments, not because he's dating her but because of the way he's treating her. He doesn't like her, can't stand her, but uses her body for selfish desires.

*Hee at Buffy and Riley's conversation, both trying to get the other to leave in order to protect him/her. Very sweet.

*Love all the Riley/Willow stuff.

* Poor Giles and Xander, who feel so useless and bored, I think they loved that Buffy threw her slayer duties on them.

* Xander : Well, how about this? We whip out the ouija board, light a few candles, summon some ancient, unstoppable evil. Mayhem, mayhem, mayhem. We show up and kick its ass. Can this be used as a somewhat foreshadow to OMWF?

* Buffy and Xander concerned for poor Willow, where are those who said that Buffy and Xander didn't show any concern?

* Willow was also being a good friend to Buffy here, looking after her, hoping Riley won't hurt her friendthe way Oz did to her.

* Xander : I'm sure he'd pick another night if he knew you were busy with teutonic boy toy.

Buffy: What is that supposed to mean?

Xander : Nothing.

People may probably see this as Xander being jealous of Riley, but the way Nicholas Brendon played it, it looked more like a brother teasing his sister.

* Xander is losing his military knowledge so he can get as useless as possible for his repetitive storyline.
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Wild At Heart

* Sniff. Sniff. Sob. Sniff. Yep, will always cry in this episode. Aly does a great job at crying. And Seth Green is one heck of an actor. Both of them are amazing.

* Oz is attracted to Veruca. There was passion there, raw, animal kind of passion. That passion was not in Willow/Oz. Oz is in love with Willow, she's the love of his life, he never fell for anyone the way he fell for Willow. But there was no passion and desire. It's was very sweet and pure between him and Willow.

*Oz ' mistake was not telling anyone about Veruca being a werewolf, but the reason Oz lied was because he WAS attracted to Veruca. The second mistake was him leaving Willow like that without talking to her about it. I think Oz sees Willow as this helpless, breakable little girl, whom he should shield and protect. It's obvious from his worry in Fear, Itself about Willow handling magic.

*I don't think Oz brought up the Xander/Willow stuff to hurt Willow, he just wanted her to understand that he knows how she felt. And it did break my heart when Willow called Oz a jerk. I don't think I can ever call Oz that.

*Willow is very cute in this episode.

*Who didn't get lusty feelings at Oz' angry yell at Veruca? SEXY!!

*Buffy is a wonderful friend. Really loved how she hugged a crying Willow to her chest. After all the times Willow had hugged her for her Angel angsty moments, it's time Buffy returns the favor. I remember someone who said that Buffy wasn't there for Willow when she and Oz broke up, I don't think they watched this episode when saying that.

*Finally, Willow decided that she had a friend called Xander. Lol. Poor guy all forgotten in that dank, dark basement. Xander advices are very sweet. He looked very cute in this episode, I feel sad for him though, it doesn't seem like everyone is taking him seriously these days. Ever since the writers decided he's nothing but a comic relief, the other characters also started treating him like that. Notice how Buffy ignored his "I'd like to dream that some college girls find townie guys attractive" coz she was more interested in what Willow and Oz had to say. I guess it was put there for laughs.

*Poor Giles. All alone and bored. I thought Xander's comment about him escaping his lovely house was rude. But these are the Scoobies, especially Xander and Buffy, always sarcastic. Makes them more fun to watch.

*"I just hope she doesn't take me as her model." Buffy talking about how she handled losing Angel, admitting that what she did wasn't wise by running away, not calling her mom and friends to tell them she's alive and alright but needed time to cope. Loved that. But even though Willow wasn't gonna run away, she was going to do stupid stuff, but let's wait to Something Blue.
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Beer Bad:

* Buffy is really hang up on Parker. Poor thing. From experience, I was really depressed when that guy in high school took advantage of me, but I didn't have the hopes and dreams that he'd actually wake up and see me after things got worse between us. I just knew he was a scum and that he played me and that what depressed me, the fact that I was so stupid to believe him. For some reasons, I wanted Willow to give Buffy a good slap on the face. Wake up, Buff! He's a poophead, get over it!

* Didn't you notice that Xander's voice changed 100% when he yelled "Nothing can defeat the penis!"? It didn't sound like Nicholas Brendon, but still very amusing and funny. It's by far my favorite Xander quote.

*Poor Xander. Looked down on by stupid college snobs.

*With all the Xander/Willow bashing I read about lately, Beer Bad is a great example of how lucky Buffy is to have them as friends. Xander who was just humiliated by a college guy and his boss, completely ignored his problems and focused all his attention on Buffy's depression. Willow went right to Parker, trying to get him to feel guilty for hurting Buffy's feelings, and of course, love her for humiliating him in the end.

*I saw passion in the way Oz and Veruca stared at each other. Lots of heat. With Willow, he's always so sweet and nice, but there's no heat and passion.

*Giles criticizing Xander again. lol. Seems that Xander always gets a lecture for being irresponsible while Buffy and Willow usually get away with it because they're Giles' favorite. The only time Giles didn't lecture Xander was OMWF, which is probably because there was no time for that. I'd like to believe there was some yelling from Giles and some guilt from Xander after the curtains were closed.

*Willow's opinion of men is raised here. All men suck. Foreshadow to her lesbianism.

*Buffy's attraction to Xander's smell. Cute. Funny how Xander didn't seem interested. is staring right at those stubborn anti-Xanders

*Beer makes people act like brainless, lunatic cavemen. Which is true. Drunks tend to act stupid or aggressive. Or both. I don't like to drink because I love to stay sane, and since I act stupid and crazy without the beer, then what's the point of drinking it? Just because I can? Just because it makes me look cool? Or just to forget my problems? I hate escaping from problems, like to deal with them instead. Plus I hate the taste of beer. Awful.

*Buffy looks so pretty in this episode.

*Xander with a moustache looks so stupid.

*Parker looks so much like Xander.

*Riley is such a sweet gentleman. I don't care what people say. I love this man. I wanna marry him. I mean, he's level-headed, tall, broad, has a nice family, nice childhood (no emotional scars like most of the male characters who suffered in their childhood) treats women with respect, isn't offended to be led by a woman. Perfect husband.
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I'm rewatching S4 at the moment, I lost my thoughts on the first and second ep, but once I find them, I'll post them.

The Harsh Light of Day:

- Remember my ramble about Spike being a jerk to Harmony? After watching this episode, I really can't blame him. She is annoying. But I did feel bad for her later when he tried to kill her. Now that's scary. Spike, hon, you need to go to an anger management class. Yelling and beating Harmony might be okay, who can blame you? But killing her?

- James' accent is so awful here! I cringed a lot. Was he that bad in S2? I didn't notice at all, but in this ep it's so notable. He does get better later though.

- Spike is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! I think S4 totally agrees with him... looks!wise.

- Is Buffy too dense or something? I understand what it feels like to be fooled by a jerk (been there) but I didn't have the same stupid thoughts. While watching, I reacted the same as Willow, "I think you're missing something about this whole poop head principal." Parker is a poophead, all he said were lines to get into Buffy's pants, and he succeeded. Poor Buffy is so hurt to see that.

- Xander thinks like a stereotype woman, while Anya thinks like a stereotype man. Anya thinks they should have sex, Xander thinks they're rushing things, and they should start a relationship first. Xanya is one cute, fun relationship. Hee! Poor Xander is still effected by his Faith experience, when Anya said she's over him, from his response I got that he already expected it. Poor guy.

Fear itself:

- Oz worries about Willow using magic. I never noticed that before, but he doesn't seem to like the idea. It upsets Willow that Oz worries about it, I guess she thinks that he doubts her abilities. The fact that Oz, Buffy and Willow herself doubt her abilities makes Willow angry and frustrated. That's one of the reasons she lashed out on Buffy at the frat house.

- I used to complain about Spander fics who write Xander being looked down on by his friends. After watching this episode, I think there's a good reason "Xander is ignored by his friends" fics started spreading. They don't notice he's around most of the time, not telling him about the party (which is expected since they're busy with college, and don't see him that often) not noticing that Xander is missing later, it was until Willow and Oz left that Buffy started to notice that, "hey, I thought we were four. Oh, right, Xander. Uh... where did he go?"

- Another point about this, Spander fanfics (also XanderZone fanfics) usually diss Buffy regarding her treatment of Xander. "She looks down on Xander, she thinks less of him." That also didn't come out of nowhere. In this episode, Buffy thought it was "typical" of Xander to get lost and get himself in danger. The way she harshly yelled at him when he was trembling and whispering his angry babble about the "jerks" ignoring his existence and opinions.

- Xander's idea of his friends: They don't notice him. They look down on him. They ignore his existence. Even though his friends play major part making him think that, Anya also makes Xander's insecurity grows when she implies that his friends are 'better than him'. When Oz said that Xander is a civilian, the guys in the frat house who thought he was "normal", started to ignore him and talk as if he wasn't there. "Hey, guys, standing right here," Xander angrily said.

- Giles is just cute and funny and adorable and has the best smile of them all.

- Anya is reminds me of Cordelia in a way. I guess she is Cordelia's replacement. Her character is kinda different from what she'll become in the later seasons. She's doesn't have that... adorable innocence yet. She's also very clingy of Xander. It is true that Anya clings to anything/anyone that comes along and lets her in. She needs something to worship and believe in, it used to be vengeance, now it's Xander.

- Willow's issues with Buffy being Mr. Boss starts from here. It's not OOC in S6 when she said that now she gets to be the slayer. She hates being the sidekick, because being the sidekick means being nothing, she wants to be something. She really hates the old Willow and looks down on her. Magic makes her more special.

- It's funny how Oz and Xander both feel helpless and troubled by the fit Willow and Buffy made. Both Xander and Oz played the rational, patient partners (Xander to Buffy, Oz to Willow).


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