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So, today is the deadline to the Reviving Spander Ficathon and I've collected the fics posted so far. However, if you're working on something and haven't finished yet, please drop a line whenever you finish your fic or post the first chapter of it and I'll happily add it to the list.


  • Pursuit of Happiness by [ profile] forsaken2003 : Season 5. No Anya and Spike doesn't love Buffy. Xander has feelings for Spike.

  • Distraction by [ profile] sparrow2000 : Xander’s grown up a lot since his days in the basement. Spike’s okay with that.

  • Playing with Fire by [ profile] forsaken2003 : Giles sends Spike and Xander to retrieve some ingredients from Angel. Xander decides to have some fun with him.

  • The Boy Who Sees by [ profile] annjej76 : Xander moves to London tired of being the lackey of the Scooby Gang. He moves into 221C Baker Street. Little does he know fate is fickle and his life is going to be turned upside down when he decides to search for his biological father and finds he's got more in common with one "Sherlock Holmes" than just a last name.

  • Movie Night by [ profile] forsaken2003 : After the girls bail on Movie Night it ends up being a guy’s night in.Season 10 with no Spoilers cause I haven’t actually read them.

  • Oh How I've Missed You by [ profile] xanderslasher : Xander comes to Wolfram and Hart to see for himself if it's true that Spike is back.

  • Cherry Stem by [ profile] forsaken2003 : Spike bumps into Xander at the Bronze. Xander shows him a trick that intrigues Spike. Late S4. No Anya.

  • Rebound by [ profile] dustandroses : Spike and Xander are trapped, and the boredom is killing them.

  • Twelfth by [ profile] dustandroses : Spike watches Xander fight, and reminisces about how they got to the twelfth.

  • Nosh by [ profile] dustandroses : Spike wants to bite Xander, but Xander's not so sure about that.

  • Teenage Dirtbag by [ profile] lusciousxander : Set during S3, espisode Lover's Walk. Halfrek gives Spike the curse that will change his entire life.

  • Drabbles by [ profile] hypatia_s : Written for the Reviving Spander Ficathon. Since I know I will spend too much time trying to choose a prompt, and while I kick my muse into cooperation, I thought I'd share a few drabbles on some of the awesome prompts.

I'm so happy with all these fics posted so far! Better hurry up with mine! See? Even the mod hasn't finsihed her fic yet, which means that you can still write your fic and it'll be added to the masterlist!

PS: If you still want to participate, check the prompts for the ficathon to inspire you or to choose from. Thanks to [ profile] xanderslasher , we have all the prompts written in a clear list for you to choose from: Reviving Spander Ficathon PROMPTS Masterlist.

Beta Search

Sep. 4th, 2015 11:39 am
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Just finished writing the first part of my new Spander fic for the Reviving Spander Ficathon. I've decided to keep those chapters short, so not to be attacked by writer's block - I've noticed that most of my fics have long chapters and that's why it becomes a chore to write a new chapter and my fics end up WIPs. Not this time, though. Short chapters. Outlined story. Will finish this fic in a matter of a month.

So, any help? I'm okay with any sort of beta. Spelling and grammar mistakes are the most important, but if you like to criticize my characterizations, I don't mind.
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We've got the first sumitted fics for the ficathon! Yay!

I've yet to start on my fic! It's gonna be a long piece! But it won't be WIP, I promise! The masterlist will be up next Monday, can't wait to see more fics being submitted!

If you finish posting your fic or the first chapter of it, please post the link here
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Finally, the Reviving Spander Ficathon is officially starting!!!


The Rules:

  • Fics should be about Xander and Spike in a romantic relationship. It can be pre-Slash. It can be an established relationship. They don't even have to end up together in the end. But as long as there are romantic or lusty feelings between them at some point in the fic, it is accepted. So, that means Friendship Fics are not allowed, unless it starts with friendship and ends with romance or begins with romance and ends with friendship.

  • Fics should be 1000 words long. No maximum.

  • To sign up, just comment to this post and say, "I'm signing up!" If you do know what you're going to write, give a short summary or just a few words. Or don't. That's just me being nosey.

  • Fics may be posted anytime between now and Monday, September 7. Once the fic is posted, drop a comment here so that your fic can be added to the masterlist.

  • You have two weeks to post your fic or at least Part 1 of your fic. Notify me of new parts or chapters of your fic by posting the link here. I'll make a tag called, "Reviving Spander Ficathon Updates" for chapter-ed fics. So, that means you don't have to finish your fic by Sep 7th, Part 1 is enough and you can take your time finishing your fic.

  • If you want to particiapte but can't post your fic or even the first part of it by the 7th of September - it's okay. Just drop the link here and I'll add it to the masterlist and mention it in the Reviving Spander Ficathon Updates tag.

  • After the 7th of September, I'll put together the masterlist.

  • If you'd like to snag a prompt, go here. Prompts are strictly optional, and you do NOT have to claim or write to a prompt in order to participate in the ficathon. However, they're a great place to go looking for ideas.

  • PS: If you still want to participate, check the prompts for the ficathon to inspire you or to choose from. Thanks to [ profile] xanderslasher , we have all the prompts written in a clear list for you to choose from: Reviving Spander Ficathon PROMPTS Masterlist.

I want to apologize to [ profile] snickfic for copying some of her rules from the Multi-Fandom Het Mpreg Ficathon. I've never started a ficathon before, so I needed some guidance.

Happy writing! Ca't wait to read your new Spander creations! 


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