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There’s a bloody children slaughter in Syria and NO BODY is doing anything!!! Dr. Mohammed Al Orefe, a Saudi sheikh, had been collecting donations for Syria and he was STOPPED! WTF???

I’ve been crying my eyes out watching the poor children being murdered on the news! Why isn’t anyone moving? Why isn’t anyone helping? What’s wrong with humanity?


Nov. 11th, 2011 08:26 pm
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I started watching Community and I just watched episode three when Abed's father shows up. For those who haven't watched the show, Abed is the son of a Palestinian father and an American mother, so that makes him half-Arab and apparently he knows how to speak Arabic... except he doesn't and neither does his father, which is okay, seeing as the actors aren't Arab, BUT if you're going to have them speak Arabic, can't you at least do some research first?

They were speaking formal Arabic, NO ONE speaks formal Arabic anymore! Formal Arabic is mostly taught in school, used when writing poetry, used when writing novels, the language of Quran is formal Arabic, but no one speaks it at all. Except in historic TV shows, where people back then, centuries ago, used to use formal Arabic in conversations.

I couldn't enjoy the touching moment after Abed's film because he and his father were speaking badly pronounced formal Arabic! It wasn't real! The moment felt fake because of what they said! I wish they spoke in English. I really do. I had to stop watching the episode to rant about it to my sister, who found it funny, but it wasn't. Abed and his father should be speaking the Palestinian dialect. Not formal Arabic.

And don't get me started on the Arabic translation of "And I think the wrong person just left." Do you know what was written in Arabic? "And I think the wrong person is left (left as in the direction "left" not the past tense of "leave"" They're two different words in Arabic.

I had the same problem when watching Lost with the character Sayed. It really ruins the show for me and I can't take it seriously. Can't they really do research on this? Any Arab person walking in the street can help them out with this. There is a community in LJ that helps non-Arab speakers with translations, it has Arab members helping them. I once helped a fanfic writer with her fic, her character is from Egypt and the writer was using formal Arabic as her character's dialogue, I edited the character's lines using the Egyptian dialect 'cause that's how the character should speak.

Other than that, I really love Community and think it's funny! And Abed is such a sweetheart.
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So, I started a tumblr account a while ago, and neglected the poor thing until I came across [ profile] coalitiongirl's awesome Temporarily Obsessive. Then I wanted to get to know luscious2 and I decorated the front page easily choosing a color and a Xander banner and a Spander background, and then I've spent an hour trying to find a way to choose an icon and post a comment! Couldn't! Spent another hour trying to find an information page! Where the hell is it? Grrr Urrrrrg!

Oh, crap!

Mar. 9th, 2011 05:58 pm
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So, I got the same curse of not recieving LJ replies in my Yahoo mail. So if I don't answer your comment right away, please don't think I'm ignoring you. :( And betas, sweet adorable betas, leave me a message in my LJ when you send back the edited chapters.


Jun. 18th, 2007 06:09 pm
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Do you know what it feels like when you lose your home? I know I haven't been active for awhile, but I still check it out everyday.

Three years of icons and banners, fanfics, essays, slash clubs, TEG, Buffyworld City. All my posts and my friends' posts... wasted. I can't edit my fanfic anymore. It sucks.

I'm so glad most of my friends are in my flist, but how about those who are not? Cori, Francy, Liz and everybody.
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I've finally watched the 1994 version of Little Women, and for someone who read and enjoyed the book, it's not that satisfying. I love the familiar faces of the actors and actresses but I'm not sure they suit the characters' physical description that was given in the book. Funnily enough while searching Youtube, I've found the old 80s Little Women anime, if you're from Europe you'll recognize it, I thought it portrayed the characters much better than the movie did, especially Laurie.

The movie casted a good Jo, an awesome young Amy, a very good Meg and a perfect Mr. Bhaer. As for the rest of the major players, I was a little disappointed. Susan Sarandon as Marmee for example. I love Susan, she's a fine actress but I've always pictured Marmee a little heavier and less attractive. Laurie was portrayed in the book with curly black hair, black eyes and a brown skin. For a shy thirteen year old, Beth could have been shorter and smaller IMO, but since my younger sister was quite big and womanly at thirteen, it's probably acceptable. Mr. Brooke was a great disappointment for me, the actor was fine, but I didn't like how he was written nor did I like the physical appearance of him. He seemed to have a stronger personality in the book.

The story: It felt rushed, but then again, it's a two hours movie. Many of my favorite scenes especially for the later parts were not filmed. I was alright with how the Meg and the Beth storylines were done, and I didn't mind that they didn't show us the scene where Amy gets struck. However, I really didn't like when they changed some events, even if they were slight changes, like how Jo found out that Amy burnt her story, that scene was one of my favorites simply because it felt very true to life when Amy lies about knowing where the story was until she smugly admits that she burnt it. That shows the selfish, spoiled side of Amy and it annoyed me that they played Amy as scared and guilty. There were also many changes that I'd feel like mentioning.

Anyway, it was a nice movie to watch, especially if you haven't read the book. Anyway, I'm glad that Jo and Amy were played by Winona Ryder and Kirsten Dunst they suited what I always pictured those two and there's no need to mention that Jo and Amy are my favorite characters.
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I consider myself one of those fans. And here's why:


First time I watched a scene from BtVS was the episode "The Puppet Show" where Buffy was under the chandelier and Sid tried to kill her with a knife. The only thing that made me stand and watch was that I knew SMG. But I didn't care. Next scene I saw was the famous "Giles, I'm sixteen years old. I don't wanna die." I loved the scene, but still didn't pull me entirely. Then I remember watching the episode Becoming Part 2 with my sister (who's a huge BtVS fan, and was a big Bangel shipper) I saw the Xander/Willow scene where he tells her he loves her, and then she mentions Oz' name and I got interested with Xander, not to mention I thought he was cute, but when Xander lied to Buffy about Willow's message, I was even more interested in him.

When S3 aired in my country, I only sat to watch the Xander scenes. And as my cousin started knocking some sense into my sister that Angel is "boring" and Xander is "funnier and cuter and better", my crush on Xander started to grow. Still I never watched a whole episode. Never cared much for the show. My cousin started to tape some S5 episodes for my sister to watch (S3 was still airing in my country and we didn't get to see S4 yet) and I remember watching the last Into the Woods scene and getting horrified at Xander's long hair, but loving how he faced up Buffy and expressed his love to Anya.

Fan Because of Fanfiction:

To make a long story short, my cousin discovered Spander, and through her my sister became obsessed with Spander too. I didn't know much about the BtVS characters except for Buffy, Xander and Willow. Seeing how obsessed these girls were with Spander, and the fact that I was annoyed with how they talk about fanfics (I remember they used to discuss Esmeralda's The Stranger Things Series' 'The Promise') and I hated being left out, so I thought to myself: "Self, let's read the nasty."

I went to my sister's room, found her printed fics, grabbed a ficlet, noticing that the first page was all Spike and Angel, I thought it was a Spangel (which was not, sis isn't into Spangel, it was that fic about Spike being angry that Xander taped something over his porn and he was whining about it to Angel) I threw it away without reading it coz I was more interested in Xander. Second fic I grabbed was Road Trip to Freedom, (I was very disappointed while reading coz I wanted Xander to end up with Willow) God, I was so naïve and a shame to all my slash folk. I grew interested in the Xander!hurt theme, and asked sis to give me a fic with Xander feeling hurt (your typical hurt/comfort fics) and she introduced me to The Sands of Time. After reading that I was officially a Spander.

That was when S4 started airing in my country. I remember how I used to call the show "Xander and Spike" instead of "Buffy", lol.

So how about you? Anyone else became a fan through fanfic first?


Nov. 11th, 2006 07:38 pm
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The fic I've been working on for the [ profile] fall_for_sx can't be posted there!! It can't! The rules say Xander and Spike must end up together and the plot won't go that way unless the fic got longer and longer but I'm too busy to finish that in the next few days, I have to post the fic in the 30th of Nov. And now it's more of a Xander character study than a Spander fic. Grrr! It works better for the Dark!Xander ficthon [ profile] liz_marcs started.

I must write a Spander fic. I must write a Spander fic. I must write a Spander fic. I have an idea for one, but it doesn't really have a plot, and it's just a bunch of dialogs, but it's fun to read. I'd read a fic with just dialogs anytime. It's easier to write, especially with me being too busy with RL at the mo.

Sigh. I really wanted my Dark!Xander fic to enter the [ profile] fall_for_sx, oh, well, at least I got me another idea for a fic.
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Whelp: Spike had never called Xander "Whelp." Ever. In fact, Glory was the only one in the show who uttered this word, and it was directed at Dawn.

Peaches: Grrr! Spike had only called Angel that once. And he never did again. Why not be creative? Why not have Spike call Angel "Blossom" for example? It's funnier and way more creative than repeating nicknames of canon.

G-man: Again, why must every fic has this dialog?

"Hey, G-man!"

"I told you never to call me that, Xander."

It's getting so old, so boring, and so repetitive. Sure, Xander likes his nicknames, but again be creative, he had called Giles other funny nicknames, you can even invent more.

Glinda: When did Spike even call Tara by that? And why always stick with it? He can say Tara, you know. Plus I heard Cordelia called Willow by that once, not Tara.

Red: Stop it with the Red! Spike actually called Willow "Will" once! He also calls her "the witch" and other nicknames.

Bloody hell: You know, Spike doesn't say "bloody hell" every time he talks.

Master Vampire: There's no such thing as Master Vampire, the only one called by that is The Master. Spike and Angelus were never referred to by Master Vampire.

Childe and Childer: No such thing in canon.

Wills: Xander had never called Willow by that, even though it never really bugged me, because the first one who used it was being creative, but again I hate having Xander repeat it every time he addressed Willow.

Oh My Goddess: Willow does say "Oh my God."

Nummy Treat: When Spike called Xander that, he was actually mocking him. I bet he and Xander don't remember Spike calling Xander that at all the very next day. I cringe every time Spike calls Xander "Nummy" in fanfic. I also hate the line, "Hmmm guess you're a real nummy treat." Because I stress, Spike doesn't remember calling Xander that at all in later seasons. My humble opinion.

Dead Boy: I repeat be creative. Xander's insults are always original. You can use Demon Boy or Vamp Face or whatever you want, just don't repeat Dead Boy over and over.

I know many stopped using these long time ago, especially "Whelp", "Nummy", "G-man" and "Glinda", which seemed to be dying, and that's a relief I gotta tell you. Because repeating the same nicknames over and over is a turn off. I wish for the other nicknames to be used less and to have more creative nicknames. :)

PS: I was reading old fics of mine and I was doing the same thing. Put me off right away, even thought back in the day I used to think everything I wrote was canon, or what fanon made us believe.
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When I get a "Reply to Your Post" in my e-mail, and get reeeeeeeeeally excited thinking it's a feedback for one of my fics, then when I open it I discover that it's a silly reply on a very old meta I had posted at [ profile] buffyphilosophy that says:

"omg, you really really love xander."






Look at my username!! What do you think? Call myself [ profile] lusciousxander and be obesessed with another character? Or is it just Spike or Angel that we're all supposed to be obesessed with?

Thank God that I had gotten a new feedback on The Exchange before I saw this stupidity. I don't mind having a reply on an old essay or meta but I want it be a "reply", someone responding to what I had said, either agreeing or disagreeing, put in some ideas, whatever. But a dumb reply like this?
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What's a Mary Sue? When did the term start? Why? Does it only occur in fanfic? Can a TV character be a Mary Sue?

I had heard many people saying "Sam, Riley's wife, is a Mary Sue," "Dawn is a typical Mary Sue," "Willow used to be a Mary Sue in the high school years," "What makes Buffy and Xander so real is they have never been Mary Sue/Marty Stu."

In fanfic, mostly written by Spike fans, we read many plots with a strange woman appearing during S5 or S6, telling the Scoobies how horrible they are to treat Spike that way, and that they should apologize to him. Usually these stories tend to erase Spike's mistakes and put full focus on the Scoobies' not so pleasant moments. The story ends with this woman fixing all the characters' issues and everybody live happily ever after with Spike ending up with either Buffy or Xander. Depends on the story: Spuffy or Spander. This strange, usually gifted with great power, woman is a Mary Sue as I've heard.

I've heard the phrase "Xander tends to be a Marty Stu in fanfic" and I agree. I assumed Spike also tends to be a Marty Stue, since I came to the conclusion that a Marty Stued Xander is the Xander who is striped from all his flaws and is only a fluffy, abused sweetie, which also happens with Spike in many fics, maybe even more than Xander (if you count the Spuffy fics around that portray Spike as a Woobie who's wronged by Buffy and the Scoobies when he wanted nothing but to make them happy) but someone had corrected me that Spike tends to be Saint!Spike, and that's a bit different. I'm confused. What's the difference between Saint!Spike and Marty Stue!Xander? Aren't they the same? What's a Mary Sue/Marty Stu in the first place?

Hope to get answers. ^_^


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