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The Young And Hopeless got nominated at [ profile] wicked_awards!!!

My first ever "real" video, which I'm so proud of! Yay!


Sep. 25th, 2010 07:28 pm
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Yay, I've been nominated for the 2010 round of The White Knight Awards!!!

Points of View has been nominated for I Like the Quiet

The Ruin of Good Men has been nominated for Guess Who Just Got Mean?

Life of Experience has ben nominated for Unfinished Fic

A bunch of my friends have been nominated, too. Congratulations to [ profile] lusciousspike, [ profile] skargasm, [ profile] angearia, [ profile] stormwreath, [ profile] slaymesoftly and [ profile] lit_gal!

The nominations will be closed after five days, so go and nominate your favorite Xander-centric fics now!
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Yay!!! Strangers is nominated for Best Spuffy at [ profile] c2c_buffyawards

Made by [personal profile] moscow_watcher

You can still go and nominate your favorite fics (Spuffy and non-Spuffy fics), click on the Xander Nominee Button:

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Thanks to those who nominated me at the Absence of Light Awards!

Absence of Light Awards

Five Times Xander Didn't Get a Free Pass is nominated for Best Overall Angst Fic and Best Gen
The Ruin of Good Men is nominated for Best Overall Dark Fic

Also, big thanks to whoever nominated me at Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards!

Sunnydale Memorial

The Perfect Life is nominated for Best Drama and Best Slash, it's funny to see this fic nominated as best drama, as it was written as comedy, but I can't escape the angst, no matter how funny I try to be.
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Awww! I've been nominated in the Summer 2009 round of the White Knight Awards!

The Categories: (They're six! Yay!)

Overall Author
Het Author
That Was Great, I Gotta Shower
for Five Times Xander Didn't Get A Free Pass
Ludicrous & Far Too Breakable
for Poetic Justice
I Like the Quiet
for Five Times Xander Didn't Get A Free Pass
Yanni CD & a Bottle of Chianti
for A Girl with a Purpose

Thanks to whoever nominated me! *luscious kisses*
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Three of my fics have been nominated:

1- A Better Future

For Best Gen Fic

2- Lost Parts

For Best of Rare Pairings, Best Short and Best Angst/Dark

3- Different Needs

For Best Gen, Best Short and Best Angst/Dark

I'm so happy!!! Thanks to person who nominated me. *kiss*
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Lovable Losers is nominated at The Forbidden Awards. Yessssssss the awful sex between Xander and Spike got nominated for an award!!! *bounces*

Thank you to everyone that nominated my story!! Thank you, especially that it's so recent *hugs*


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