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Title: Lost Hero
Author: [ profile] lusciousxander
Characters: Xander and Spike
Genre: Gen
Spoilers: Season Eight #36 Last Gleaming: Part 1
Note: The idea came from [ profile] fangfaceandrea 's comment in my #36's review.

This probably goes with the Missing Scenes Ficlets I've been collecting.

Thanks to [ profile] lusciousspike and [ profile] diebirchen for the wonderful editing.


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Okay, I've written two drabbles of a missing scene between Dawn and Spike in season seven. Each one is blaming the other for the lost friendship when both of them had contributed in the division.

Lost Friendship
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Title: Missing Scene: Graduation.
Author: [personal profile] lusciousxander
Characters: Xander and Cordelia
Episode: During Graduation Part 2
Setting: During the graduation ceremony before the ascension.
Disclaimer: Belong to Joss and co.
Feedback: Please?
Thanks to [personal profile] lusciousspike for the fast beta.

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Title: Pathetic
Author: Farah M
Season: Seven
Episode: Chosen
Setting: After Spike saw the Bangel kiss.
Disclaimer: No suing of me. They all belong to Joss and co.
Thanks to [ profile] lusciousspike for the fast beta and for convincing *cough*begging*cough* me to write this as a Missing Scene and not as a Lines Never Heard on Buffy.


Spike came back to the Summers' house, still upset about the Buffy-Angel snog show he just had witnessed. He slammed the front door shut behind him. Anya's loud voice hit his sensitive ears as she screamed nonesense at Dawn. He noticed Harris sitting alone on the stairs, his hand on his neck.

"Someone's having a rough day," Harris mocked.

Spike took a fine five seconds to give the boy a proper glare, before he looked away in anger. "Angel's back."

He heard a snort. "And I thought we got rid of his broody vampliness for good."

"Wish I could rip his soddin' heart out."

Even when he wasn't looking at Xander, Spike knew the boy had a ridiculous grin on his face from the sound of his voice. "I remember the good old times when I used to draw some funny Angel faces and do whacky stuff to them."

Spike scoffed. "Pathetic."

"I was in high school back then…"

Spike shook his head in ridicule and walked toward the basement ignoring Xander's defenses. Once in the basement, he kicked the table in irritation. A notebook and a couple of pencils fell to the floor. Spike's eyes narrowed thoughtfully.

The End.

Other Missing Scenes
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Title: Missing Scene: Strange.

Author: [personal profile] lusciousxander

Characters: Faith, Xander and a bunch of potentials.

Rating: For all ages

Setting: Season Seven, episode Dirty Girls.

Summary: Caleb tells Buffy he has something of hers and she takes her small gang to the Veinyard. She divides them into two teams. Her and Spike's are going in to check the place, Faith and Xander's are their safety-net. If this place is a trap, Buffy's team gives the signal, Faith's come in, guns a-blazing.

Notes: This is part of our Missing Scenes Series. It's also for all the fans who are still frustrated that Xander and Faith didn't get a chance to talk in season seven.

Warning: This is the first time I write Faith. I hope I've got her voice well or at least to the point where no one cringes.

Disclaimer: They belong to Joss and co.

Distribution: Want it? Yay! Just let me know first.

Great thanks to [personal profile] lusciousspike for the quick beta.

Once you finish reading this Missing Scene, you better jump and read Now or Never by [personal profile] lusciousspike which can be considered a sequel. *winks*


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Title: The Flowers

Author: [ profile] lusciousxander

Rating: G

Characters: Dawn and Willow

Episode Hell's Bells

Summary: Why wasn't Giles at the wedding that never happened?

A/N: A REAL missing scene from the episode Hells Bells between Dawn and Willow. The dialog was taken from the new Watcher's Guide (Volume 3).
This is going to be part of the Missing Scenes series ficlets that [ profile] lusciousspike and I are going to write, sometimes separately sometimes together.

Thanks to [ profile] lusciousspike for the quick beta.

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Title: Never the Same Again

Author: [personal profile] lusciousxander

Rating: PG 13

Summery: Xander and Willow fight, that's when Xander realizes they can never have their friendship back. Not the way it used to be anyway.

Disclaimer: They belong to Joss and co.

Notes: This event happened during Consequences right after Faith tried to strangle Xander. Xander and Willow are looking for Faith.

This probably goes with our Missing Scenes Series.

Thanks to [personal profile] lusciousspike for the fast beta and to [profile] museandme for the few tips in grammar.


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