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There was a fire in a private girls school in Jeddah, two - probably three - teachers died and a lot of students were injured. :( One of the teachers, Reem Al Nahari, had sacrificed her life to save the students. There are videos in Youtube showing students jumping from the third floor window that left me crying so hard. A real tragedy.

This is a picture of a father hugging his daughter tightly after she got away. So heartbreaking.

Saudi Fics

Aug. 11th, 2007 02:43 pm
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If you guys are interested in reading fiction about life in Saudi Arabia, you can friend this community [ profile] musings_of_duo that I set up with a friend of mine from Saudi Arabia [ profile] lusorious, who is going to post her own stories soon in the same community.

I will post pictures and info about Saudi Arabia before the stories, so you guys can understand the culture and the places and learn a few Arabic words first. It's in order to understand the stories and the heroes of the stories better.

I will be under the username [ profile] arrohy
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I've promised to write short stories about this topic, and since I'm not leaving bed any time soon, I guess I'll focus on writing one.

First, all my stories are going to be strictly from a woman's POV. Second, they'll be dealing with men and women's relationships in KSA. Third, the focus will be more on the life of women and girls in KSA.

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Yesterday I was reading a fic about a human Spike being sent to the Meddle East by Giles to search for Xander. I laughed out loud at these lines:

Spike hates Saudi Arabia. He hates the unbearable heat, the distinct lack of booze, the untouchable women sheathed in black who flutter their gloved fingers at him when their fathers aren’t looking. And Saudi Arabia? Hates Spike.

LMAO!! I'm so sure Spike would NEVER like Saudi Arabia. I actually love the KSA, maybe 'cause we have relatives there and it's so much fun when we all hang out together in the mall, or riding motorcycles in the desert, or giving the cold shoulder to the boys who hit on us.

I'm confused by the writer's description of the Saudi girls' "gloved fingers". *blinks* I have never seen a girl wearing gloves over there, they're usually old women who wear gloves, most girls over there cover all their bodies but their eyes and hands, some show their faces. Usually girls my age who hang in the malls look like this:

Anyway, I've been thinking about writing short stories about young women and men in Saudi Arabia. A teacher at work said it'll be interesting if I wrote about love in the KSA. I know how young people think over there and it'll be fun, I'll post them in my LJ once I finish with them.


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