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I was thinking about Sweet Revenge by [profile] jackson_rayne this morning and I realized that while Xander in my favorite character, and the fics I usually read must feature him, the reason I'm addicted so madly to this fic is Spike rather than Xander. Spike's journey from an asshole to a better man is what kept me so interested in this fic, and when we have these many Spander (and Spangel and Spuffy and … fics that have Spike as a lead) fics that gloss over Spike's faults or write his faults as amusing and cool, Spike really loses his appeal to me as a character I enjoy to read about. Now lately I've been reading some fine fics with a Spike who feels quite canon.
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It's been awhile since I've read a Spander story, and as I was enjoying myself, suddenly started the Scoobies bashing... WTF? I couldn't enjoy the story. Lovely plot it had (well, a very guilt pleasure plot for me. *g*) but I couldn't keep on with all the Scoobies-bashing, then came Riley and of course he's gonna get it. I'm so tired of character bashing. It won't let me enjoy the story, because I'll just keep rolling my eyes all the way to the end, and won't take it seriously.

1- No, the Scoobies don't try to baby Xander all the time, actually they tend to neglect him instead, and ever since S5, Xander stopped caring about his friends not paying him the attention he wants because he has other stuff to focus on: Anya, an apartment and a job he likes.

2- No, Willow doesn't treat Spike like dirt, remember S4? Or you just like to skip it because you dislike Riley and the Initiative.

3- No, Buffy isn't a controlling bitch. She'd never treat Spike OR Xander the way I read in that fic.

4- No, the Scoobies don't throw the "You're useless" card at Xander. If they think he's useless, they'll just keep it inside. I don't even think they think it. Sure, they'd never think he's their winning card, but I don't think they consider him completely useless. I think the only time they thought that of him, or at least Buffy and Willow thought that of him, was in The Zeppo. And they didn't want him there because they loved him, not because they looked down on him.

Of course, it's expected for Buffy and Willow (and even Giles) to dislike Xander's relationship with Spike, but they won't act like jerks about it. Though I can see Buffy giving Spike the shovel speech and even questioning his intentions with some physical abuse (only if he acted like the annoying sweetheart we know and love) but she'd never want to kill him.

Some stuff that bug me about Xander and Spike's characterization:

1- No, Xander isn't a pathetic crybaby. I don't think he ever cried on the show.

2- No, Spike doesn't give a damn about Xander, unless you give me a convincing plot where Spike's feelings change towards Xander. Other than that, the only reason Spike would want to save him (post-chip and pre-Buffy-love) will be because he wants the Scoobies' money. The only reason he'd want to save him (pre-soul and post-Buffy-love) will be because of Buffy. The only reason he'd want to save him (post-soul) will be Buffy and the soul's influence.


Nov. 11th, 2006 07:38 pm
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The fic I've been working on for the [ profile] fall_for_sx can't be posted there!! It can't! The rules say Xander and Spike must end up together and the plot won't go that way unless the fic got longer and longer but I'm too busy to finish that in the next few days, I have to post the fic in the 30th of Nov. And now it's more of a Xander character study than a Spander fic. Grrr! It works better for the Dark!Xander ficthon [ profile] liz_marcs started.

I must write a Spander fic. I must write a Spander fic. I must write a Spander fic. I have an idea for one, but it doesn't really have a plot, and it's just a bunch of dialogs, but it's fun to read. I'd read a fic with just dialogs anytime. It's easier to write, especially with me being too busy with RL at the mo.

Sigh. I really wanted my Dark!Xander fic to enter the [ profile] fall_for_sx, oh, well, at least I got me another idea for a fic.
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Whelp: Spike had never called Xander "Whelp." Ever. In fact, Glory was the only one in the show who uttered this word, and it was directed at Dawn.

Peaches: Grrr! Spike had only called Angel that once. And he never did again. Why not be creative? Why not have Spike call Angel "Blossom" for example? It's funnier and way more creative than repeating nicknames of canon.

G-man: Again, why must every fic has this dialog?

"Hey, G-man!"

"I told you never to call me that, Xander."

It's getting so old, so boring, and so repetitive. Sure, Xander likes his nicknames, but again be creative, he had called Giles other funny nicknames, you can even invent more.

Glinda: When did Spike even call Tara by that? And why always stick with it? He can say Tara, you know. Plus I heard Cordelia called Willow by that once, not Tara.

Red: Stop it with the Red! Spike actually called Willow "Will" once! He also calls her "the witch" and other nicknames.

Bloody hell: You know, Spike doesn't say "bloody hell" every time he talks.

Master Vampire: There's no such thing as Master Vampire, the only one called by that is The Master. Spike and Angelus were never referred to by Master Vampire.

Childe and Childer: No such thing in canon.

Wills: Xander had never called Willow by that, even though it never really bugged me, because the first one who used it was being creative, but again I hate having Xander repeat it every time he addressed Willow.

Oh My Goddess: Willow does say "Oh my God."

Nummy Treat: When Spike called Xander that, he was actually mocking him. I bet he and Xander don't remember Spike calling Xander that at all the very next day. I cringe every time Spike calls Xander "Nummy" in fanfic. I also hate the line, "Hmmm guess you're a real nummy treat." Because I stress, Spike doesn't remember calling Xander that at all in later seasons. My humble opinion.

Dead Boy: I repeat be creative. Xander's insults are always original. You can use Demon Boy or Vamp Face or whatever you want, just don't repeat Dead Boy over and over.

I know many stopped using these long time ago, especially "Whelp", "Nummy", "G-man" and "Glinda", which seemed to be dying, and that's a relief I gotta tell you. Because repeating the same nicknames over and over is a turn off. I wish for the other nicknames to be used less and to have more creative nicknames. :)

PS: I was reading old fics of mine and I was doing the same thing. Put me off right away, even thought back in the day I used to think everything I wrote was canon, or what fanon made us believe.
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Yesterday I was reading a fic about a human Spike being sent to the Meddle East by Giles to search for Xander. I laughed out loud at these lines:

Spike hates Saudi Arabia. He hates the unbearable heat, the distinct lack of booze, the untouchable women sheathed in black who flutter their gloved fingers at him when their fathers aren’t looking. And Saudi Arabia? Hates Spike.

LMAO!! I'm so sure Spike would NEVER like Saudi Arabia. I actually love the KSA, maybe 'cause we have relatives there and it's so much fun when we all hang out together in the mall, or riding motorcycles in the desert, or giving the cold shoulder to the boys who hit on us.

I'm confused by the writer's description of the Saudi girls' "gloved fingers". *blinks* I have never seen a girl wearing gloves over there, they're usually old women who wear gloves, most girls over there cover all their bodies but their eyes and hands, some show their faces. Usually girls my age who hang in the malls look like this:

Anyway, I've been thinking about writing short stories about young women and men in Saudi Arabia. A teacher at work said it'll be interesting if I wrote about love in the KSA. I know how young people think over there and it'll be fun, I'll post them in my LJ once I finish with them.


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