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I've been away from Fandom activities for a while, but for the past two weeks, I've been craving good Xander fanfic and that led to me coming back to the BtVS fandom, which I've missed greatly.

However, there's one thing I kept coming back for even when I was away. It was the wonderful episode discussions going on on Buffy Forums, seriously, folks, there's just so much love and respect between the posters who are incredibly intelligent and insightful - the latest episode discussion is The Yoko Factor and the review is simply perfection!

Dear Stoney is the founder of such discussions. If you feel inspired you can sign your name to review an episode - we're going to do S5 soon. Enjoy!

Buffy Forums Season 4 Episode Discussion
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There had been so many posts in LJ about Buffy/Riley and how Riley was an ass. I've decided to gather my thoughts from S5 rewatches and post them in my LJ.

Buffy/Riley stuff. Beware! )
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I found this neat post at The Soulful Spike Society, said by Rob:

"I've always believed Buffy is well aware of Xander's actions in "Becoming Part 2." She had an entire summer alone in LA to reflect upon every moment of those fateful days...and it didn't require Columbo to work out what had happened. Three reasons why Buffy knows:

1. Xander - after a hesitation - quotes Willow saying "kick his ass." Really now, who can imagine Willow using that sort of phrasing, especially at that time in the series? Buffy knows her better than that. More importantly, there is no possibility Willow would be that insensitive to Buffy's feelings under those particular circumstances.

2. Xander's not the most convincing of liars. He can do it, of course...but if Buffy had truly been paying attention, she knows him well enough to have spotted it. Truthfully, she was barely paying attention to him, totally in gameface at that moment.

3. Most obviously of all, Angel returns (far too late to make a difference in the end, I might add), making it patently obvious Willow was re-attempting the mojo. Buffy tells us she is aware of this in Season 3 when she informs Willow and Giles that the spell worked.

Note that Xander was NOT in the library when she shared those specific circumstances. That, to me, is very telling. She wasn't ready for him to be around when discussing exactly what happened.

Based on the above points, I firmly believe that over that summer in LA, Buffy chose to understand and forgive what Xander had done. She knew how lackadasically she'd fought Angelus in "Becoming Part 1," and probably realized he'd have killed her if Xander had delivered that message accurately.

Is all this enormous fanwankery? Well...sure. But it's fanwankery with all sorts of logic to back it up...and it's a hell of a lot better than Joss chose to give us, which was basically nothing.

Assuming all my theories are correct, Buffy forgave Xander...but forgot? No chance. Like most families, she tucked it away in her mind for some time in the future when she'd feel cornered.

The argument in "Selfless" was the perfect time to pull it out of mental storage, and it hit Xander - not to mention every hardcore fan - like a sledgehammer. At that moment, the argument was effectively over."

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My final crazy review on S7. Btw, I have written this a looooong time ago at Buffyworld, so my views on the episode are probably different now.
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A missing scene and Buffy having important conversations with Xander, Faith and Spike.

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Best episode ever! If you're a Spuffy fan.

Touched )
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The out-of-character episode.

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Do you remember when Holtz wanted to kill Angel for what Angelus had done to his family? It's quite the same but with Spike and Wood.

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The episode where I liked Andrew... plus Xandrew hints.

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A hidden Spander moment and bitchy Buffy. Warning: I'm very angry, and it's not so pleasent.

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1/2 of the ep is about Buffy and Wood, 1/3 the ep is about Andrew and The First!Jonathan, and 1/6 the ep is about Xander.

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Is Willow Warren? Is Giles The First? Is Spike gonna get rid of the chip?

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The episode with the beautiful Xander/Dawn scene.

Potential )
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More annoying slayers, less Scoobies, Spike gets saved.

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Giles comes home!! Yay or nay? He also brings back with him screen-time suckers.

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Andrew is here, and the rest of the cast became Buffy's slaves.

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Uh... the one where Spike hits Xander? Oh, the one where Anya acts like she wanna sleep with Spike so he won't find her out yet he turns her down!

Sleeper )
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The ep that didn't include Xander. The writer jerks.

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Another Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.

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