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Some characters get the flashy, in-your-face character development (Willow, Wesley, Spike, Cordelia) and there are those characters whose character development is so subtle that you barely notice it, but it’s there.

Xander Harris and Bangel

Xander was a jerk to Buffy and her feelings for Angel on many occasions, like this:
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One of unreasonable Tumblr Xander-haters' hobbies is taking every quote, every scene, that Xander appears in and ripping him to pieces just to prove that he's the worst character that ever existed. It would be okay if Xander actually did what they claimed he did, but most of the time they make stuff up and let the Xander bashing begin.

My latest encounter with irrational Xander-hate:








Xander Harris said out loud in front of a teenager that he masturbates to the thought of his oldest and closest friend being intimate with her girlfriend

but nah sure he’s a great friend

I don’t remember that scene. Which episode was it?

Once More With Feeling

right after Willow and Tara’s duet “Under Your Spell”, it cuts back to the Magic Box and he’s complaining about how they got out of research and then he starts talking about them sexually, veiled in EXTREMELY thin euphemism that I guarantee you a fifteen-year-old would see through instantly and it’s been like twenty years and I’m still incandescently angry about it

I just watched the scene. He didn’t say or imply that he masturbates to the thought of them sleeping together. He was simply aggravated that they made excuses to get out of research, saying that they were lying about the volumes because they were all over each other before they made their escape.

As for Dawn, he stopped talking when he noticed her right away, so it wasn’t like he was saying inappropriate stuff in front of a 15 year old girl on purpose.

I remember being upset about the part where Dawn said “I think it -lesbian sex- is romantic,” then Buffy and Xander snapped, “No, it’s not!” However, on rewatch, it looked more parental than homophobic, like they didn’t want Dawn going out and having sex because she thought it was romantic especially since she put herself in danger in the previous episode when she went out with a vampire.

“Sometimes I think about those two. Doing a spell. And then I do a spell by myself.”

you must be pretty flexible with all them mental gymnastics you’re doing there my friend

That quote wasn’t said in Once More With Feeling. It wasn’t said in front of Dawn. That quote was said in Restless, in Willow’s dream, so Xander never said it. That quote is about how Willow sees Xander.

wow you are just DESPERATE to make his behavior okay

please love yourself

Looks more like you’re desperate to blame him for something he didn’t do. I brought you facts. Xander never said he masturbated to the thought of Willow/Tara in front of Dawn.


Aug. 5th, 2015 06:16 pm
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I just did a Tumblr rant on Xander-hate. Yep. I'm back to the BtVS Fandom all right. 
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"Xander is a misogynist jerk."

I'm starting to read this a lot to the point where I started to believe it. What makes Xander a misogynist?

Definition of the word is a person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women.

Is Xander really this person?
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I've written a fic called Five Times Xander Didn't Get a Free Pass a long time ago.

I still see this topic pop up every now and then. Xander never paid the price, Xander never had to deal with the consequences, Xander never had to go through the big drama Buffy and Willow go through.

Reading that pisses me off because this is what I, and a lot of Xander fans, have been whining about for the past few months and yet have others accuse us of wanting a "Xander show". The reason why people feel this way and hate Xander for it is exactly why us Xander fans whine all the time:

Xander never had a flashy arc!

His character growth is doomed to be in the background or even not on-screen. He does grow up, he does become a better person, and he is actually a character I'd love my son to grow up to be like. But it's so sad that no one can see it because the process to get there isn't there. It never was, and even if it was, it's so subtle and vague.

It sucks being a Xander fan.

Although, I really love being a Xander fan when reading [ profile] local_max's posts. He really knows how to heal my bitter Xander heart. I love you, Max! *hugs*
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I'm gonna repost this essay here in case [ profile] buffyversemeta is deleted.

Author: [ profile] lusciousxander
Summary: Reasons why Anya was easily accepted as a Scooby than Spike.
Spoilers: From S2 toward S7.
Word count: 2,609
Notes: This essay is an answer to [ profile] bookishwench's question: Why is Anya, a demon who has lost her powers and has tried to kill the Scoobies at least twice, regarded as being less of a threat/more acceptable to the group than Spike, a demon who has lost his powers and has tried to kill the Scoobies as well?

Great thanks to [ profile] llywela13 for being my wonderful beta and giving me the cutest title.

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It surprises me how this line makes a lot of fans hate Xander and want Buffy to slap him silly. I get hating Xander because he's such a flawed character, but at this moment, I just don't see it.

Buffy had been unbearable since she came back to Sunnydale and everybody was tolerating her, including Xander, but when things got serious and Willow was about to die because Buffy didn't want to listen to her friends' warning, it's no wonder Xander would snap. Obviously he didn't mean it and said it in the heat of anger and frustration, which shows in the way he forgot all about it in the next second and started helping Buffy to save Willow and the others.

I haven't been to IMDB for a year now seeing as it's known for its Xander hate, in almost every page there's a thread created for the sole purpose of bashing Xander. I made the mistake of checking that board today, and of course, there was a thread about bashing Xander, and someone mentioned that they hated Xander since he said that line in When She Was Bad.

My reaction was exactly like Mr_Dalliard's on that board:

"Yeah, it's realistic to have him think clearly all the time. If my best friend from childhood was kidnapped and in mortal danger and the person who was responsible for it was standing in front of me, I would make sure to check my anger for their benefit. I'd make sure to avoid saying things I didn't mean. I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, after all.

Come on."
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I haven't read #35 yet, but I'm reading all the enraged and disappointed posts about the it and I completely understand and sympathize.

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From [ profile] stormwreath's Random statistic of the day:

[ profile] peasant_ said,

"Also, for some reason I can't fathom, when Spuffy writers decide to slash they tend to slash Spander..."

This is something I've noticed quite often. A great number of the Spander writers used to be Spuffy fans/writers, I've met many Spander authors who confessed that they used to ship Spuffy then changed into Spander.

Biggest example would be [ profile] lusciousspike, when I first met her, she was a hardcore Spuffy. The thought of Spander would make her burst laughing, then one day, she started reading Spander, and reading, and reading, and she dropped Spuffy for Spander (and Spangel.)

I think I know the reason why, but I'm not really sure. I've always thought that Spuffy and Spander are a little similar. I think since I've started fandom as a Spander, I won't really understand it, what do the formor Spuffy and current Spuffy fans think? Why would a Spuffy fan become a Spander fan after a while?
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There was a discussion in FanForum about the characters who betrayed Buffy, and I couldn't find a moment where Angel betrays her. Unless we count Angelus' deeds, but if we don't then should we also not count the times un-souled Spike betrayed her because souled Spike never did? Or does joining W&H mean that Angel and Spike betrayed Buffy regardless of their intentions?
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You know what I don't get?

No, it's not that some don't want Buffy and Xander to end up together, I'm with that crowd myself, but what bugs me is the reason why some people don't want them to end up together:

"I personally find it insulting to Buffy's character. Xander's always been so judgmental about her past relationships -- ending up with him is almost like she's caving to the misogynistic and belittling view that she was all wrongheaded for choosing these doomed relationships with Spike and Angel over a nice, safe relationship with him."


I get that people don't want Xander and Buffy to be a couple because there's no chemistry, or because they love their friendship more (this is my reason for not wanting Bander), or because they enjoy the brother/sister feel the two have, or because Xander isn't physically as strong as Buffy... etc.

But I don't get how a bunch of disagreements between Xander and Buffy over the years can be an obstacle when it was okay for Spike who tried to kill Buffy many times to be with Buffy. I rather see Spuffy than Bander, yes, I said it, but it's kind of hypocritical to think Xander shouldn't be with Buffy because he used to be judgmental over her relationships and yet think it's okay for Spike to be with her even though he wanted to kill her.

It just bugs me that even though Xander had matured a lot, people still can't forget his immature self and view him by that self, instead of the mature S7!Xander. Especially when they get down on Xander for not forgetting Spike's past.

Seriously, I'm not a Buffy/Xander fan. I think they're cuter in the family vibe without the sex and the whole relationship angst.

Sigh, it's been awhile since I've ranted about BtVS with passion, guess the show is really back. :)

Oooh and one more thing. Xander is a misogynistic??????
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I was thinking about Sweet Revenge by [profile] jackson_rayne this morning and I realized that while Xander in my favorite character, and the fics I usually read must feature him, the reason I'm addicted so madly to this fic is Spike rather than Xander. Spike's journey from an asshole to a better man is what kept me so interested in this fic, and when we have these many Spander (and Spangel and Spuffy and … fics that have Spike as a lead) fics that gloss over Spike's faults or write his faults as amusing and cool, Spike really loses his appeal to me as a character I enjoy to read about. Now lately I've been reading some fine fics with a Spike who feels quite canon.
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I got the impression from some Spike fans that they think Joss doesn't like Spike. I don't wanna offend anyone, but are you out of your minds? Spike is Joss' favorite toy. He's the show's woobie, he's the show's everything, especially in the last seasons of Buffy. I think Spike and Willow (and possibly Andrew) are Joss' favorite characters... if Joss didn't care for Spike, then why did he bring him back on AtS?
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It's been awhile since I've read a Spander story, and as I was enjoying myself, suddenly started the Scoobies bashing... WTF? I couldn't enjoy the story. Lovely plot it had (well, a very guilt pleasure plot for me. *g*) but I couldn't keep on with all the Scoobies-bashing, then came Riley and of course he's gonna get it. I'm so tired of character bashing. It won't let me enjoy the story, because I'll just keep rolling my eyes all the way to the end, and won't take it seriously.

1- No, the Scoobies don't try to baby Xander all the time, actually they tend to neglect him instead, and ever since S5, Xander stopped caring about his friends not paying him the attention he wants because he has other stuff to focus on: Anya, an apartment and a job he likes.

2- No, Willow doesn't treat Spike like dirt, remember S4? Or you just like to skip it because you dislike Riley and the Initiative.

3- No, Buffy isn't a controlling bitch. She'd never treat Spike OR Xander the way I read in that fic.

4- No, the Scoobies don't throw the "You're useless" card at Xander. If they think he's useless, they'll just keep it inside. I don't even think they think it. Sure, they'd never think he's their winning card, but I don't think they consider him completely useless. I think the only time they thought that of him, or at least Buffy and Willow thought that of him, was in The Zeppo. And they didn't want him there because they loved him, not because they looked down on him.

Of course, it's expected for Buffy and Willow (and even Giles) to dislike Xander's relationship with Spike, but they won't act like jerks about it. Though I can see Buffy giving Spike the shovel speech and even questioning his intentions with some physical abuse (only if he acted like the annoying sweetheart we know and love) but she'd never want to kill him.

Some stuff that bug me about Xander and Spike's characterization:

1- No, Xander isn't a pathetic crybaby. I don't think he ever cried on the show.

2- No, Spike doesn't give a damn about Xander, unless you give me a convincing plot where Spike's feelings change towards Xander. Other than that, the only reason Spike would want to save him (post-chip and pre-Buffy-love) will be because he wants the Scoobies' money. The only reason he'd want to save him (pre-soul and post-Buffy-love) will be because of Buffy. The only reason he'd want to save him (post-soul) will be Buffy and the soul's influence.
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I found this neat post at The Soulful Spike Society, said by Rob:

"I've always believed Buffy is well aware of Xander's actions in "Becoming Part 2." She had an entire summer alone in LA to reflect upon every moment of those fateful days...and it didn't require Columbo to work out what had happened. Three reasons why Buffy knows:

1. Xander - after a hesitation - quotes Willow saying "kick his ass." Really now, who can imagine Willow using that sort of phrasing, especially at that time in the series? Buffy knows her better than that. More importantly, there is no possibility Willow would be that insensitive to Buffy's feelings under those particular circumstances.

2. Xander's not the most convincing of liars. He can do it, of course...but if Buffy had truly been paying attention, she knows him well enough to have spotted it. Truthfully, she was barely paying attention to him, totally in gameface at that moment.

3. Most obviously of all, Angel returns (far too late to make a difference in the end, I might add), making it patently obvious Willow was re-attempting the mojo. Buffy tells us she is aware of this in Season 3 when she informs Willow and Giles that the spell worked.

Note that Xander was NOT in the library when she shared those specific circumstances. That, to me, is very telling. She wasn't ready for him to be around when discussing exactly what happened.

Based on the above points, I firmly believe that over that summer in LA, Buffy chose to understand and forgive what Xander had done. She knew how lackadasically she'd fought Angelus in "Becoming Part 1," and probably realized he'd have killed her if Xander had delivered that message accurately.

Is all this enormous fanwankery? Well...sure. But it's fanwankery with all sorts of logic to back it up...and it's a hell of a lot better than Joss chose to give us, which was basically nothing.

Assuming all my theories are correct, Buffy forgave Xander...but forgot? No chance. Like most families, she tucked it away in her mind for some time in the future when she'd feel cornered.

The argument in "Selfless" was the perfect time to pull it out of mental storage, and it hit Xander - not to mention every hardcore fan - like a sledgehammer. At that moment, the argument was effectively over."

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My final crazy review on S7. Btw, I have written this a looooong time ago at Buffyworld, so my views on the episode are probably different now.
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I liked this episode, but I hated the way Spike treated Harmony, she can be so annoying, sure, but she was the only one who gave a damn about him. And he would never appreciate her even in AtS. Sigh. I'm not a Harmony fan, but I do feel for her.

I also hated how pathetic Spike was when he tied both Buffy and Dru up, and my God, why the hell would you kill Drusilla? Yep, she had cheated on you with a disgusting demon. I'm sure it's a great blow to your self-esteem but kill her? And for who? Buffy? The slayer? Not only that, but like Xander, Spike can't take rejection well apparently. The girl isn't interested Spike, you can't just force her to love you.

Even though these two bits made my blood boil with anger at Spike, I was so glad they were there in the episode. I like to be reminded that Spike is a soulless vampire, it makes me admire him more because it's so hard for him to do the right thing from time to time.

Stuff that I really liked in the episode:

Spike telling Dawn scary stories about his past. Dawn's growing crush on Spike. So cute. Also Xander whining that he's the cool guy Dawn has a crush on, not Spike. Hee! Spike stealing Xander's money, and you wonder why Xander hates Spike? *g* Plus Spike and Dawn laughing at Joyce's story, cute. Oh, oh, and my favorite: Joyce being glad that Buffy is around because she needed someone strong to protect them forgetting that Giles stayed over to protect them. Poor G-man.

Stuff I've noticed:

1- Reading many Spuffy fics lately I noticed that many write Joyce being really supportive of Buffy/Spike, probably even trying to get Buffy to see that Spike is a good catch. But what I saw in this ep is the entire opposite. Joyce wasn't supportive of the idea at all. She was as scared as Buffy and Willow. She wanted the whole thing over. Remember Joyce was the one who asked Angel to break up with Buffy because he's a vampire and Buffy is a human, why would Joyce change her mind now?

2- Xander's reaction to Spike being in love with Buffy is really amusing. Hee! I don't think Xander cares if Spike loves Buffy or not as long as nothing happens between them.

3- Harmony actually defending Spike from Drusilla in her Harm way, it's heartbreaking, especially that everybody takes her as a joke. But I guess she made that image stick in people's minds. It's like Anya with the Scoobies, they believe she's tactless and annoying because she acts like it most of the time. Same with the Scoobies believing that Xander is dumb. Believing that Giles is stuffy. Believing that Buffy can always fix it. Believing that Spike is evil. As they say: first impressions always stick.
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I was watching S5 BtVS, I watched "I Was Made To Love You" at first and the episode kinda made me feel bad for Warren, I mean, yeah, he turned out to be a monster in S6 but you don't turn out to be a monster out of the blue, you go through stuff that make you turn out that way. I believe Warren needed love, he needed someone's attention, which is why he made April. Then he met a real girl who gave him that attention. I think if he dealt with April better, like turn off her batteries and lock her somewhere else, things would have worked out fine for him. He might have grown to be a better person.

Warren's reasons for creating April were also the same reasons Spike wanted Bot-Buffy to be made: Love, attention and sex. Warren invented a random girl from his imagination, Spike had asked for his robot to look like the girl he loves, a girl who exists. Spike's robot is probably ickier than Warren's, since it looks like an alive girl. Poor Buffy. But I guess loneliness, rejection, being resented make you do crazy things. What I love about the show is that you sympathize with all the sides: Warren, April, Kathryn, Spike and Buffy. Or that's just me.
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A missing scene and Buffy having important conversations with Xander, Faith and Spike.

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Likes and Dislikes of the Buffy-verse
Who is your favorite character?Xander
Who is your least favorite character?Andrew
Who would you kill off if given the chance?Hmmm no one really
Who should have had more of an active role in the Series?Xander on BtVS and Lorne on AtS
What is your favorite season of BtVS?Season 2
What is your favorite episode?Restless
What is your favorite quote?Nothing can defeat the penis
Which season did you dislike?Season 7
What would you have changed in that season?Instead of that lame First plot, I'd want the show to fix the damage of S6, and see Spike bonding with Xander and Dawn.
What episode did you dislike?Chosen
What would you have changed in that episode?I'd make it two hours and give Xander, Dawn and Giles bigger roles.
What is your favorite Canon pairing?Xander/Cordelia
What is your least favorite Canon pairing?Willow/Kennedy
What is your favorite Unconventional Pairing?Xander/Spike
What is your least favorite Unconventional Pairing?Xander/Andrew
What did you think was the most obnoxious CPD in the Series? (CPD=convienient plot device)Xander summoning Sweet felt OOC, also Buffy cutting herself from her friends, and the loss of the Spike/Dawn friendship.



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