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“I realize that tons of the cool people commenting on the Buffy posts really dislike Xander.

But I don’t care.

If liking Xander is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Or cool.”

Quote by Momzter. Best thing I've read about Xander in a while. :)
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Still working on Strangers, I'm sorry I didn't post a new chapter last Tuesday. My little boy is getting more teeth. And Tuesday went like hell for the little guy. Mommy had to be there. I promise the next chapter will be out before next Tuesday.

I've written a fic for [ profile] spring_with_xan called Points of View. At first, it was just the Willow section, about how Xander sought equality from the boys his age, and how it mirrored Xander trying to be equal to his super powered friends. Then it got longer, and the theme changed, so I had to rewrite the Willow scene and I'm happier with the longer version.

Also, wrote a rant about Angel's characterization in #35 based on reading fan reactions to the issue. Then I wrote what I thought of the issue after reading it myself.
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From [ profile] stormwreath's Random statistic of the day:

[ profile] peasant_ said,

"Also, for some reason I can't fathom, when Spuffy writers decide to slash they tend to slash Spander..."

This is something I've noticed quite often. A great number of the Spander writers used to be Spuffy fans/writers, I've met many Spander authors who confessed that they used to ship Spuffy then changed into Spander.

Biggest example would be [ profile] lusciousspike, when I first met her, she was a hardcore Spuffy. The thought of Spander would make her burst laughing, then one day, she started reading Spander, and reading, and reading, and she dropped Spuffy for Spander (and Spangel.)

I think I know the reason why, but I'm not really sure. I've always thought that Spuffy and Spander are a little similar. I think since I've started fandom as a Spander, I won't really understand it, what do the formor Spuffy and current Spuffy fans think? Why would a Spuffy fan become a Spander fan after a while?
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Check it out!! This is the Buffy cartoon!

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You have got to check [community profile] buffyversetop5 for all 2007 favorite fics and fanart, you can also post your fave Buffy/Angel/Firefly fics, icons, fanart done in 2007. And only in 2007.
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Title: Adapting to Change
Author: [ profile] lusciousxander
Character: Buffy, Dawn, Xander and Giles.
Rating: PG 13, Gen
Written for: [ profile] missparker
Setting: A few weeks after Grave
Summary: Buffy is dealing with the changes around her. This is told completely from Buffy's POV.
Notes: This is written for the "Buffy Is the Hero, Damnit" ficathon.
Thanks to [ profile] altyronsmaker and [ profile] aadler_ for the awesome beta!


Read the fic... )
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Here's a Buffy/Xander friendship pic-spam over the seven seasons. Very adorable, you gotta check it out:

a Buffy/Xander pic!spam by [ profile] p_sawyer91
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Author: [ profile] lusciousxander
Summary: Reasons why Anya was easily accepted as a Scooby than Spike.
Spoilers: From S2 toward S7.
Word count: 2,609
Notes: This essay is an answer to [ profile] bookishwench's question: Why is Anya, a demon who has lost her powers and has tried to kill the Scoobies at least twice, regarded as being less of a threat/more acceptable to the group than Spike, a demon who has lost his powers and has tried to kill the Scoobies as well?

Great thanks to [ profile] llywela13 for being my wonderful beta and giving me the cutest title.

Here's the essay...
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I'm almost finished with my essay for the Buffyverse Metathon, I'd really love if someone would edit it for me. One of the rules insists the essay should be readable. I'd love it to be back before this Wednesday, I should post my essay this Wednesday. So, anyone? Please?
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You gotta take this poll by [ profile] bookishwench

S/he did this poll for the Buffyverse metathon to be as unbiased as possible. I'd like to do the same thing but I don't know how to make a poll. However, here are some questions I'd be very grateful if my BtVS watching friends answer them to avoid the biased territory.

1- Why do you think the Scoobies had a hard time accepting Spike?

2- Do you think the Scoobies accepted Anya to the group? Why?

3- Why do you think it was easier to accept Anya than Spike?
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I always enjoy Stormwreath and aycheb's thoughts on season 8 because they usually look deep into the plotlines (even the ones that make least sense) and help me enjoy the season more than I already am.

Here are their thoughts on #4:

Stormwreath's thoughts and aycheb's thoughts
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Awww, I loved the part where Dawn pokes Xander's shoulder and leans her head on his large upper arm. So adorable. Near the end, MT pats NB on the back in encouragement, very sweet.

The dailies
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There was a discussion in FanForum about the characters who betrayed Buffy, and I couldn't find a moment where Angel betrays her. Unless we count Angelus' deeds, but if we don't then should we also not count the times un-souled Spike betrayed her because souled Spike never did? Or does joining W&H mean that Angel and Spike betrayed Buffy regardless of their intentions?
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Got tagged by [ profile] beer_good_foamy

The assignment: Pair up the major players in Sunnydale (Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Cordelia, Angel, and Spike) with the person you believe in your heart to be their soul mate. You can pair them with each other, other characters from BtVS or AtS or you can say 'unknown' if it's no one we've met in the Buffyverse. You can only have couples - no threesomes or second choices - however, if you think the best person for Giles is Cordelia, but you think the best person for Cordelia is Spike, that's okay.

Post these instructions in your own journal, along with your list. Then tag three people to do it next.

That was really, really, really hard.

Buffy: Unknown

Seriously, I think Buffy does a better job when she's boyfriendless. I've struggled to find the best soul mate for her. Angel was Buffy's love life, but would he really suit older, firm Buffy? She's much, much different from the girl he once knew. Riley wanted more from Buffy, more than she could afford. Spike saw Buffy in her ugliest version and still wanted to be with her, but Spike usually lets his love for her cloud his judgment, sometimes he acts more like her slave than a boyfriend, and I don't really think that what she needs.

Xander: Spike

Xander doesn't need a worshipper (Anya), he needs someone who can call him on his flaws. He needs someone whose wit matches his, someone with an edge. Spike would never worship Xander and that's better for my boy. He'll never learn anything if someone keeps praising him over and over. I love Xander, but he's utterly flawed. Anya's "scared little boy" speech had set him straight, if only she had the nerve to call him that before Hell's Bells.

Willow: Tara

I think Tara is really good for Willow. Especially after she got over her "Willow can do no wrong" attitude. If Tara had stayed alive, I'm sure no one would set Willow straight but her.

Giles: Jenny

I thought she was good for Giles. I don't really know if she's the best for him, I'm not sure who's the best for Giles, but Jenny in her short stay with him was honestly good for him.

Cordelia: Doyle

Doyle was sweet, caring, and truly loved Cordelia. He had no problem with her sarcasm, and that's a big plus. Xander and Angel had always had Buffy in their stupid minds and Cordy needs to be first, not second best.

Angel: Darla

Angel needs someone he can protect and know him very well. Darla is that person. I don't think later seasons Buffy is suitable for Angel, because like Angel she's a leader, and leaders can't be followers.

Spike: Drusilla

Spike usually looks up when it comes to love, sadly Xander doesn't fit here. Sigh. Buffy, Angel and Drusilla fit because of their admirable physical strength and strength of personality. Spike is also a natural follower, and he respects all three of them to follow their lead. Yet Spike needs someone he can take care of in order to feel his importance in the relationship. So Drusilla fits all these categories.

I tag all my flist to do it if they want to. :)
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Buffy had ended three years ago, fan fiction was one of the reasons the Buffy Fandom is alive until this day. Writers always need plot bunnies to produce fics. What are these plot bunnies? Find the answer here by [ profile] little_tenshi

Now a huge part of what made Buffy famous is Spike. Spike's character. Spike's storyline. Spike fan fic. That's right. Spike has gotten laid by all the characters on the show from Buffy to Xander to Angel to Willow to Giles... etc. Sometimes you wish Spike can go online and read his pairings!

Do you remember the Fairy!Spike phase? Fairy!Spike falls in love with Xander. However in this one Fairy!Spike falls in love with Angel by [ profile] southernbangel

Speaking of Angel, doesn't his vampire family tree confuses you? Was he Spike's sire or was it Drusilla? Was Darla his mother or his grandchild? Well, Wesley has the answer to all your problems when he cleverly made his Art Project which was found by Cordelia and Angel later. Done by [ profile] st_salieri

If you thought [ profile] st_salieri's Art Project was funny, then wait until you read her Chaucer's Sunnydale Tales. I promise you a big laugh!

Many of my flist HATE Into The Woods, and it's not because Riley leaves, it's because it's either boring or because they thought Xander's judgment on Ruffy was nothing but bull. Now if you hate it so much, I hope you'd enjoy Into the Woods Parody by [ profile] lusciousspike and me. If you actually like this, you're crazier than us. Really.

And now to my fellow Spanders!!! *kisses and hugs* I love how we can laugh at ourselves whether we're mocking how Xander and Spike usually become sex gods from the first time they have sex together by [ profile] toobusy2write or mocking our predictable storytelling by [ profile] nashmaveric
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I consider myself one of those fans. And here's why:


First time I watched a scene from BtVS was the episode "The Puppet Show" where Buffy was under the chandelier and Sid tried to kill her with a knife. The only thing that made me stand and watch was that I knew SMG. But I didn't care. Next scene I saw was the famous "Giles, I'm sixteen years old. I don't wanna die." I loved the scene, but still didn't pull me entirely. Then I remember watching the episode Becoming Part 2 with my sister (who's a huge BtVS fan, and was a big Bangel shipper) I saw the Xander/Willow scene where he tells her he loves her, and then she mentions Oz' name and I got interested with Xander, not to mention I thought he was cute, but when Xander lied to Buffy about Willow's message, I was even more interested in him.

When S3 aired in my country, I only sat to watch the Xander scenes. And as my cousin started knocking some sense into my sister that Angel is "boring" and Xander is "funnier and cuter and better", my crush on Xander started to grow. Still I never watched a whole episode. Never cared much for the show. My cousin started to tape some S5 episodes for my sister to watch (S3 was still airing in my country and we didn't get to see S4 yet) and I remember watching the last Into the Woods scene and getting horrified at Xander's long hair, but loving how he faced up Buffy and expressed his love to Anya.

Fan Because of Fanfiction:

To make a long story short, my cousin discovered Spander, and through her my sister became obsessed with Spander too. I didn't know much about the BtVS characters except for Buffy, Xander and Willow. Seeing how obsessed these girls were with Spander, and the fact that I was annoyed with how they talk about fanfics (I remember they used to discuss Esmeralda's The Stranger Things Series' 'The Promise') and I hated being left out, so I thought to myself: "Self, let's read the nasty."

I went to my sister's room, found her printed fics, grabbed a ficlet, noticing that the first page was all Spike and Angel, I thought it was a Spangel (which was not, sis isn't into Spangel, it was that fic about Spike being angry that Xander taped something over his porn and he was whining about it to Angel) I threw it away without reading it coz I was more interested in Xander. Second fic I grabbed was Road Trip to Freedom, (I was very disappointed while reading coz I wanted Xander to end up with Willow) God, I was so naïve and a shame to all my slash folk. I grew interested in the Xander!hurt theme, and asked sis to give me a fic with Xander feeling hurt (your typical hurt/comfort fics) and she introduced me to The Sands of Time. After reading that I was officially a Spander.

That was when S4 started airing in my country. I remember how I used to call the show "Xander and Spike" instead of "Buffy", lol.

So how about you? Anyone else became a fan through fanfic first?


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