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Author: [ profile] lusciousxander
Summary: Reasons why Anya was easily accepted as a Scooby than Spike.
Spoilers: From S2 toward S7.
Word count: 2,609
Notes: This essay is an answer to [ profile] bookishwench's question: Why is Anya, a demon who has lost her powers and has tried to kill the Scoobies at least twice, regarded as being less of a threat/more acceptable to the group than Spike, a demon who has lost his powers and has tried to kill the Scoobies as well?

Great thanks to [ profile] llywela13 for being my wonderful beta and giving me the cutest title.

Here's the essay...
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Title: Hard to See Her Moving On
Author: [ profile] lusciousxander
Characters: Xander, Anya/Giles
Summary: Xander saw something he didn't want to see.
Setting: Season seven, but before Storyteller.
Notes: This is my first attempt at first person present tense. Thanks so much to [ profile] llywela13 for the great help.
Disclaimer: Belongs to Joss and co.
Rating: PG 13
Again thanks to [ profile] llywela13 for the awesome beta!

Here's the ficlet... )
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I've been reading lots of Anya fics saved in my lap top while I was away, I'm really enjoying the Anya, thought I'd rec my favorite Anya fics that I recently read.

Too Much by [profile] blueanddollsome
Character: Anya, Xander, Willow
Type: Ficlet
Summary: Season 5, pre-"Triangle", set in the Magic Box. Willow thinks Anya is too much.

Science of Silence by Lavender
Character: Anya, Xander
Type: Ficlet
Summary: Post-The Body. "He is always making excuses for her." Anya thinking about Xander and how he sees her, as well about herself and her past.

Dazed and Confused by Head Rush
Character: Anya, Giles, Willow
Type: Fic
Summary: Post-Grave, Pre-Lessons. G/A friendship. Giles takes Willow to the coven, and Anya goes along for the ride.

Checking For Injuries by ainon
Character: Anya, Xander
Type: Ficlet
Summary: Set between S6 and S7. Anya practices her teleportation rights.

Sufficient Champagne by Cynthia Liskow
Character: Anya, Giles
Type: Ficlet
Summary: Post-Grave. Anya and Giles contemplate love, loss, and lessons learned.

Still haven't read all the Anya stuff I've got, hopefully when I'm done, I'll post the good ones here, oh, and if you have great Anya fics with no character bashing (coz I hate those) please feel free to post them here. :) Character bashing doesn't include Anya calling Xander names after Hell's bells or being tactless to others, because that's canon.
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Title: Into the Woods PARODY
Authors: [ profile] lusciousspike and [ profile] lusciousxander
Rating: R it's a little violent… in a fun way, promise!
Spoilers: S5 BtVS Into the Woods… duh!
Summery: It's crazy, it's scary, it's better than Into the Woods, if you really hate that episode!
Disclaimer: They belong to Joss though we borrowed Spike, Xander and Riley and others and dammit we’ll take our time!! *worried Joss will sue when he sees what they did here*
Distribution: You want it? No way!!!!!! YES PLEASE! Just tell us first.

Go to read Parody


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