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There was a discussion in FanForum about the characters who betrayed Buffy, and I couldn't find a moment where Angel betrays her. Unless we count Angelus' deeds, but if we don't then should we also not count the times un-souled Spike betrayed her because souled Spike never did? Or does joining W&H mean that Angel and Spike betrayed Buffy regardless of their intentions?
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Willow/Angel and Willow/Spike Fics for [personal profile] rua1412

Willow/Angel Stories by Sabershadowkat
Summary: A lot of stories in this page for Angel/Willow
Willow/Angel Stories


Willow/Spike Stories by Sabershadowkat
Summary: This page is full of Willow/Spike fics.
Willow/Spike Stories


All Out Uprising by Elisabeth
Summary: Angel confronts Willow and Spike, but not in the way they expected.
All Out Uprising


Cold Comfort by Kallie Rose
Summary: Willow, Spike and Angelus play strip poker.
Cold Comfort


Dreaming of You by Kallie Rose
Summary: Willow is headed for L.A., and isn't sure what kind of a reception she'll receive.
Dreaming of You


Compromises by Te
Summary: Willow goes looking for a way out of her head.


A Dream is a Wish Your Demon Makes By Janet Lynn
Summary: This is during the summer after season 4 of BtVS. Since school is out, Willow and Tara are staying at Willow’s parent’s house while they are out of the country for the summer.
A Dream is a Wish Your Demon Makes

Its sequal:

Living the Good Unlife By Jent Lynn
Summary: Willow, Spike and Angel begin to learn about the fun and difficulties of living together.
Living the Good Unlife


Thanks with Tears By Janet Lynn
Summary: Willow and Spike need help. They turn to the only person they think can help them: Angel.
Thanks with Tears


Some Willow/Spike fics here by claudia6913
claudia6913's Fics


For more Willow/Spike fics, you can check this All About Spike page. It's mainly Willow/Spike.
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Now many have argued about how these three hated and loathed and wished death to one another. I'm just gonna bring up the moments where these three helped one another. I may not remember them all though, so if you have a moment which wasn't mentioned, please tell me to add it to the list. If you also see some of my points wrong, tell me please.

Angel to Xander:

- Saving Xander's life along with Giles and Willow in Out of Mind, Out of Sight

- Flashing a smile at Xander when Xander rescued Buffy in Prophecy Girl

- In Halloween, Angel ignored Buffy and Cordelia and hurried to help Xander beat up Larry.

- In The Zeppo, Angel thought it was better for Xander's safety to stay away from anything related to the apocalypse.

- In Consequences, Angel saved Xander's life from Faith.

- Working together with Xander on some missions even with the bickering. For Example: Lie to Me.

Xander to Angel:

- Going to Angel's apartment to get Angel to help him save Buffy and encouraging Angel to actually move his ass to save Buffy. The point is seeking the vamp he dislikes' help to save the girl he's in love with.

- Returning Angel's smile in Prophecy Girl.

- Letting Angel use him as bait with Spike in School Hard. Not to mention, not dwelling on Angel's "if he bit you we'll know he bought it."

- Arguing against Kendra's decision to kill Angel. "Angel is our friend, except I don't like him."

- Helping Buffy to save Angel in Amends.

- Asking Buffy and Angel if he could help solving their argument in The Zeppo.

- When Oz and Willow found the cure to save Angel in Graduation Part 1 but were too shocked to reveal what it was, Xander urged them, "Come on guys, the suspense is killing Angel."

- Helping Angel with the missions they have together even with bickering there.

Xander to Spike:

- Taking Spike in during S4 instead of killing him or throwing him out while he was helpless.

- Xander gives Spike an apologetic shrug after beating him in Hush.

- Almost putting himself in danger of being hit by falling rocks, Xander jumps to pull Spike from under that piece of beam, saving his life in Doomed.

- When Spike lies about being Xander's friend, Xander lets him with an amused look.

- In The Yoko Factor, when Spike planned to 'pretend to go back under disguise into the Initiative', Xander delivered him the clothes appropriate with the 'job'. Xander is so naive sometimes.

- In Primeval when Spike rescued the Scoobies, he asked to be forgiven for his betrayal, then we see Giles and Willow looking at Xander as if asking for permission. Xander just shakes his head letting Spike be, instead of grabbing him and staking him.

- He bonds with Spike in Triangle.

- Being understanding about Spike's state in Intervention, and actually giving excuses to Buffy not to kill him.

- Lighting Spike's cigarette in Spiral and asking about Spike's wounds.

- In Normal Again, telling Buffy that he feels sorry for Spike and understands what he's going through because Xander also had had an unrequited love for Buffy back in high school.

- Saying "thank you" to Spike when he saved him in Normal Again.

- Taking Spike back in Him.

- Working together with Spike in Him.

- When Anya asked Xander to back her up in her 'we must kill Spike' argument, Xander chose to ignore her in Never Leave Me.

- Instead of blaming Spike, like Willow, Xander suggested that it wasn't Spike's fault that he's killing, it was probably because The First had triggered him.

- in Bring On the Night, Buffy talks desperately about saving Spike, and Xander smiles with understanding.

- In Get It Done, Xander was the only one who considered that Spike can bring the demon, when everybody even Buffy had underestimated Spike.

- In Lies My Parents Told Me, Xander gave Spike a pat on the shoulder for support.

Spike to Xander:

- Spike suggesting for Xander to have chicken wings or onion rings in Triangle.

- Bonding with Xander in Triangle.

- Smiling at Xander in Spiral after the exchange: Have I mentioned how much I hate you? You let it slip in twice.

- Giving Xander an impressed gaze when Xander stabbed Dock. (I'm not sure about this one, but I heard some fans speaking about it.)

- Being shocked and upset that Xander didn't inform him about bringing Buffy back because both of them had fought side by side during the summer.

- Saving Xander's life in Older and Far Away.

- Saving Xander in Normal again.

- Working together with Xander in Him.

- The worried tone in his voice when he told Buffy that Xander was in danger in First Date.

- Saving Xander's other eye in Dirty Girls.

Spike to Angel:

- Trying to give Angel an advice about Wolfram and Hart in his Spike way.

- Spike tried to help Angel against a Groxlar beast although, he could just be wanting to have scrap.

- Spike helped Angel by giving him a plan in Just Rewards.

- Spike saved Angel from a Selminth parasite in Soul Purpose.

- Spike helps Angel in You're Welcome.

- He also stuck a knife through him to save him from a bug that was on his back in a whole in the world!

- Spike didn't kill Angel in Destiny.

- Spike helped Angel to get Lindsey back.

- Sticking by Angel's side and helping him save the world.

Angel to Spike:

- In Season2 BtVS, Angel tells Dru to take Spike and leave so Buffy won't harm them.

- Angel cooperated with Spike and followed his plan in Just rewards.

- Angel telling Spike he liked his poetry.

- In Why We Fight, during the flashback, Angel dusted all the evil vampires that were originally in the sub but Spike whom he let go without any harm.

- In Damaged, Angel warned Spike about Dana and rushed to Spike's rescue, also comforting Spike and finding common ground with him in the hospital.

- Angel saves Spike from being killed by Illyria and gets stabbed in the process.

- Working together even when they act like babies.
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Title: Jealousy.
Author: Lusciousxander
Pairing: Angel/Buffy, Angel/Xander
Summary: Buffy's 'sexy dance' with Xander has driven Angel insane.
Disclaimer: Belong to Joss and co.
Rating: R
Notes: This is written for EndersWrath's challenge "Canon Schmanon."
Setting: During Some Assembly Required.
Feedback: Please?
Great thanks to [personal profile] lusciousspike[profile] redrayne717 and yaoi_rickdoll for the amazing editing. 

    by    [ profile] mysteryof


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Here are three Xangel icons that were made for me by Ehlwyen, you gutta credit her if you snagged one or all. :)

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These sets were made for me by amazing fanartists. And since I'm so sweet and cute, I thought I'll share them with you guys. Snag but credit!!


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