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Fics I Wrote


Adapting to Change
Character: Buffy
Type: Gen. Angst
Summary: Buffy is dealing with the changes around her. This is told completely from Buffy's POV. Post-Season Six.

Against the Wall
Character: Xander
Type: Angst
Summary: "Well, Xander, I could dress more like you, but, oh, my father has a job," said Cordelia. Setting is late S3, before The Prom.

Character: Xander
Type: Gen. Pre-show
Summary: "Well, you obviously haven't played kiddie league. I'm surprised it wasn't one of the parents," Xander in Nightmares.


Back to School
Character: Xander
Type: Gen
Summary: Xander deals with Mrs. Henderson, his elementary school teacher. Set in Pre-Season One for the first part and during Season Four for the second part.

A Better Future
Character: Xander
Type: Gen
Summary: After the events of Empty Places, Xander decides to go back in time to give his younger sixteen year old version a tip for a better future.


Character: Xander/Dawn, Xander/Spike eventually
Type: Het, Slash
Summary: Set in S9: In a world where metaphor is dead and reality is starting to creep in, where vampires are out and liked by the public, where slayers are hated and considered murderers, Xander and Dawn struggle to have a normal life away from the fight and temptation of the past.


Different Needs
Character: Giles/Xander
Type: Friendship + Pre-Slash
Summary: Xander can't handle being the Zeppo anymore, can Giles help him become a-somebody? Will Giles ever see him as more than just an aggravating little boy?


Five Times Xander Didn't Get a Free Pass
Character: Xander
Type: Gen + Het
Summary: Title says it all


A Girl with A Purpose
Character: Xander, Renee
Type: Gen
Summary: In an attempt to escape depression, Xander signed up to travel all over the world and look for slayers.


Hard to See Her Moving On
Character: Xander, Anya/Giles
Type: Angst.
Summary: Season Seven, Pre-Storyteller. Xander saw something he didn't want to see.


Interview with Character Fans and Bashers: Scene One
Character: Xander
Type: Parody
Summary: No one feels offended please. I'm not insulting anyone, I'm just so interested in some of the arguments I read about BtVS characters. I have some real anti-Xander arguments here as well as some real pro-Xander arguments. I've even mocking myself since I actually said some of the pro-Xander stuff, lol.

Interview with Character Fans and Bashers: Scene Two
Character: Spike
Type: Parody
Summary: No one feels offended please. I'm not insulting anyone, I'm just so interested in some of the arguments I read about BtVS characters. I have some real anti-Spike arguments here as well as some real pro-Spike arguments.


Kitchup in Glass Bottles
Character: Xander
Type: Comedy.
Summary: Pre-Season One. Glass bottles equal bad.

ِA Kick From the Inside
Character: Xander, Buffy, Joyce, Willow
Type: MPreg
Summary: S3. Begins right after Choices and a few days before The Prom.


Life of Experience
Character: Xander/Spike
Type: Human AU, Slash
Summary: Ethan Harris died and left his son under his best friend's care.

Lost Parts
Character: Xander/Wesley
Type: Slash
Summary: What if Xander had gone with Willow to LA in Orpheus?

Lovable Losers
Character: Xander/Spike
Type: Slash + Comedy
Summary: Two losers stuck in one basement.


Meaningless Blab
Character: Xander/Spike
Type: Slash + Comedy
Summary: Xander and Spike are living together. Dating? Probably. Having sex? Oh yeah. Will there be sex scenes? Sorry.


Only Guy She Trusts
Character: Xander/Buffy
Type: Het
Summary: Post-Chosen. Xander visiting Buffy after six months spent in Africa.

One Sided Love
1- Jealousy
2- One Sided Lust
Character: Angel/Buffy, Angel/Xander
Type: Het + Slash
Summary: Buffy's 'sexy dance' with Xander has driven Angel insane. During Some Assembly Required. Season Two.


The Perfect Life
Character: Xander/Spike
Type: Slash
Summary: "One day I'll have money. Prestige. Power. And on that day they'll still have more," Xander in Reptile Boy. This fic was inspired by the novel Remember Me? written by Sophie Kinsella.

Pieces of a Puzzle
Character: Xander/Spike
Type: Pre-Slash
Summary:S7 Post-Selfless. Spike's stay at Xander's apartment proves to be more interesting than he ever thought. This is a sequel to A Kick From The Inside.

Poetic Justice
Character: Xander/Spike
Type: Slash
Summary: Angry that Spike attempted to rape his friend, Xander engages into a fight with Buffy that results to a wish that will, obviously, be granted immediately.

Points of View
Character: Xander
Type: Gen
Summary: Different parts of Xander's life seen through the eyes of the people around him.

Put Yourself in My Shoes
Character: Buffy, Xander
Type: Gen
Summary: Buffy suddenly finds herself in Xander's body.


The Ruin of Good Men
Character: Xander
Type: Gen. Dark Fic. (For those who think this is Xander/Spike, it is NOT. Read the whole fic before you judge.)
Summary: Xander is abusing Spike, alcohol, everything and, on top of that, himself.


The Shadow by the Door
Character: Xander, Spike
Type: Gen. Dark Fic. An attempted rape.
Summary: Season Seven. It's probably a bad idea agreeing to have Spike live in his apartment.

Shallow Boy
Character: Xander/Spike
Type: Slash
Summary: The First controlling Spike had him do more than just killing people.

Spike Reading Fanfic
Character: Spike
Type: Parody
Summary: Spike reads his own pairings on the net.

Character: Buffy/Spike
Type: Het
Summary: Grief pushes Buffy to do something really stupid. Now she has to deal with the consequences. Things get more complicated when she discovers that Spike is no longer dead.


The Tale of Alex and Randy co-written with [ profile] lhyna71
Character: Alex/Randy
Type: Slash + Comedy
Summary: What if the spell in Tabula Rasa had stayed for more episodes?

Teenage Dirtbag
Character: Spike/Xander
Type: Slash + Comedy
Summary: Starts during Lover’s Walk, S3. Spike's POV throughout. Halfrek gives Spike the curse that will change his entire life.

Missing Scenes I've written

Christmas Eve Campout
Character: Xander
Setting: Amends
Summary: I thought you slept outside to avoid your family's drunken Christmas fights.

My Chanukah Spirit
Character: Xander, Buffy
Setting: Amends
Summary: Look, I'm aware I haven't been the mostest best friend to you when it comes to the whole Angel thing, and, um, I don't know, maybe I finally got the Chanukah spirit.

Never The Same Again
Character: Xander, Willow
Setting: This event happened during Consequences right after Faith tried to strangle Xander. Xander and Willow are looking for Faith.
Summary: Xander and Willow fight, that's when Xander realizes they can never have their friendship back. Not the way it used to be anyway.

Character: Xander/Cordelia
Setting: During Graduation Part 2
Summary: During the graduation ceremony before the ascension.

The Flowers
Character: Dawn, Willow
Setting: During Hell's Bells.
Summary: Why wasn't Giles at the wedding that never happened?

Missing Episode
Character: Buffy, The Scoobies
Setting: The summer between Season Six and Season Seven
Summary: A missing episode between Grave and Lessons

Lost Friendship
Character: Dawn, Spike
Setting: During Season Seven
Summary: Dawn and Spike's thoughts of each other during season seven.

Character: Faith, Xander
Setting: During Dirty Girls
Summary: Caleb tells Buffy he has something of hers and she takes her small gang to the Veinyard. She divides them into two teams. Her and Spike's are going in to check the place, Faith and Xander's are their safety-net. If this place is a trap, Buffy's team gives the signal, Faith's come in, guns a-blazing.

Character: Spike, Xander
Setting: During Chosen
Summary: After watching Buffy kiss Angel, Spike goes to Buffy's house, furious.

Lost Hero
Character: Xander, Spike
Setting: During Last Gleaming
Summary: Xander has a talk with Spike.

Co-written with [ profile] lusciousspike

The Exchange
Character: Xander, Buffy, Willow friendship + Xander/Spike
Type: Friendship + Slash
Summary: Warren made another laser gun that had some unintentional results, in turn causing Xander, Buffy and Willow to fully understand the old saying ‘walking in somebody else’s shoes’.

Into the Woods Parody
Character: Buffy, Xander, Riley, Anya and Spike
Type: Parody
Summary: What if Xander got Buffy to stop Riley a little faster.

La Femme Spander
Character: Xander, Spike
Type: Friendship + Comedy
Summary: Anya wants revenge and she'll be getting it by cursing Spike.

One Thing in Common
Character: Xander/Angel + Baby!Spike
Type: Pre-Slash + Slash
Summary: Before the battle with The First something happens that causes Xander to head out to L.A. to give Angel something for safe keeping.


Homecoming Queen of Year 1997
Character: Buffy

Heartbreaking Gaze
Character: Buffy

Life as A Watcher
Character: Giles

Character: Willow, Anya

Character: Xander/Anya

Anya's Annoyed
Character: Anya, Xander

My Son's Sixth Birthday Party
Character: Jessica Harris

The Swimsuit
Character: Dawn

My Vids:

The Young And Hopeless
Character: Xander

Miss America
Character: Xander/Cordelia, Xander/Buffy, Xander/Faith

Character: Giles

Just One Last Dance
Character: Buffy/Angel, Willow/Oz, Xander/Anya

Fun Stuff I did:

Xander and The Vamps Fun Time with Caps

Fic: How Season Four Should've Gone

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
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