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Day 1 - Favorite Season
Day 2 - Favorite Episode
Day 3 - Favorite Romance
Day 4 - Favorite Male Character
Day 5 - Favorite Female Character
Day 6 - Favorite Friendship
Day 7 - Least Favorite Season
Day 8 - Least Favorite Episode
Day 9 - Least Favorite Romance
Day 10 - Least Favorite Male Character
Day 11 - Least Favorite Female Character
Day 12 - Favorite Battle/Fight
Day 13 - Favorite Demon
Day 14 - A Scene That Made You Laugh

Day 15 - A Scene That Made You Cry
Day 16 - Something That You Wish Had Never Happened
Day 17 - Something You Wish Had Happened
Day 18 - Something That Made You Angry
Day 19 - Saddest Character Death
Day 20 - Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time
Day 21 - Best Buffy-centric Episode
Day 22 - Best Willow-centric Episode
Day 23 - Best Xander-centric Episode
Day 24 - Best Giles-centric Episode
Day 25 - Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did
Day 26 - Two Characters Who Got Together That You Wish Didn’t
Day 27 - Favourite Scene
Day 28 - Cutest Moment
Day 29 - Character You Love To Hate
Day 30 - What You Think Made Buffy So Great

Day 14 - A Scene That Made You Laugh

How about episode? Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered was the first episode to really make laugh. I loved all the scenes where the adult women were flirting with Xander. Giles trying to get Jenny away from Xander, Joyce running her hands all over Xander and him giving up and letting her, and then Drusilla reading poetry off Xander’s frightened face and calling him “Kitten” and from then all, every time Drusilla sees Xander in fanfic she calls him nothing but that.
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