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BTVS 30 Day Challenge:Day 1 - Favorite SeasonDay 2 - Favorite EpisodeDay 3 - Favorite RomanceDay 4 - Favorite Male CharacterDay 5 - Favorite Female CharacterDay 6 - Favorite FriendshipDay 7 - Least Favorite SeasonSeason Seven. Hands down. And...

Day 7 - Least Favorite Season

Season Seven. Hands down. And that picture expresses my feelings of disappointment and sorrow regarding this season. Here are seven reasons why:

1) No clear vision of where this season is going.

Apparently Joss had ideas: Anya killed in Selfless, Giles as the First, Xander killed in Dirty Girls… etc. But chickened out last minute which – while I’m glad none of it happened – it ended up hurting the characters because Giles looked bad for not hugging Buffy when he arrived, Anya was pointless throughout the season, and we never got to see how Xander dealt with losing an eye since it happened very late in the season.

The First could have been used in a much, much effective way. There was no need for the sudden appearances of Caleb, the Guardian, the scythe and the amulet.  Wow, I never realized how many crap Joss needed to pull out of his, well, behind. *shudders at the awfulness that is the last five episodes of S7*

2) Too many characters!

I liked the idea of potential slayers, but it was so badly executed and took much needed screen times from the characters we care about, which brings me to…

3) Favorite characters pushed to the background.

I’d rather see a compelling arc for Xander, Anya, Dawn and Giles instead of suffering through Willow/Kennedy and the prattle of characters I don’t care about.

If Xander’s arc is about holding the house together, why not have him as Willow’s rock throughout the season instead of Kennedy? S7 should be about building friendships: Buffy/Spike and Xander/Anya learned how to become friends and respect each other for who they are with the elimination of sex. Yes, Xander’s very subtle scenes of showing concern and support to Buffy, Willow, Dawn and Anya were nice but not noticeable unless you’re a Xander fan.

Dawn’s Watcher Jr development was as unnoticeable as Xander’s arc. The idea is awesome. Giles and Dawn should have bonded over that. Giles should have complimented her on her initiative to study new languages and be able to translate them. He should have taken her under his wing and it would have been nice to see a Giles/Dawn father/daughter relationship now that Buffy doesn’t need Giles for that anymore.

Anya’s speech to Andrew about understanding humanity was beautiful, but what if we saw the two of them learning that together gradually throughout the season before coming to that conclusion?

4) Important character development happening in the background.

Xander was so displeased with Spike moving in into his apartment in Him, then two episodes later all of a sudden, he ignored Anya’s tempting request to join her to a Spike bashing session? Huh? What happened? Did he change his mind about Spike when Spike was living with him? SHOW IT, WRITERS!!!

I also didn’t know that Xander and Anya got back together in the end with them being pushed too far in the background. I don’t believe they did. Sorry, Joss, you gotta have to SHOW me instead of making me rely on Xander calling Anya “sweetheart.” Is that supposed to be evidence that they got back together? Xanya deserved to have a scene more than Bangel in Chosen.

Oh, and apparently, Buffy and the others patched things up so fast in the background after Empty Places and now they’re besties again. Give me a break.

5) Empty Places.

I’m sorry but Get It Done and Xander’s eye loss aren’t enough for the Scoobies topick Faith over Buffy and kick her out of her house! Other than it being extremely out of character for the Scoobies, it was nothing more than “Character assassination!!!” That’s what it was. And for what? Your hero was so unlikable throughout the season, so you had to trash every single character in the show – except the love interest of course – to make your hero likable again? Screw you, Joss! It was more like a sucky character bashing fanfic than the real deal.

6) The First.

The First could have been far more effective if it appeared as Buffy to the Scoobies. Maybe I can stomach Empty Places better if the First as Buffy appeared to Xander in the hospital and told him coldly that he was nothing but causality and that she was an idiot for letting him join the fight in the first place. First as Buffy appearing to Willow and taunting her about the power she had and wasn’t using, making her a useless ally. First as Buffy appearing to Dawn, Giles, Anya and making them doubt Buffy. Not just once, but throughout the season. That would have made Empty Places believable. Even though I can’t see the Scoobies kicking Buffy out of the house. Sorry, I just can’t.

7 ) Chosen.

That final episode needed to be two hours so that every main character could shine. Also, why the hell did Angel show up? It’s not his show anymore. We could have had a Buffy/Dawn heartwarming scene instead of that! Uber vamps being weak, the stupid amulet, the stupid scythe, and the final scene where the Scoobies joke around. Urgh!

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